X-Mas Sneak Peek on 10th Dec and Update on 16th December! COC

The Most Likely Dates for Christmas 2014 update!

Clash of clans x-mas 2014 update dates


Are you excited about the Christmas 2014 clash of clans update? Wondering when it is going to happen?

Your guess is as good as mine. However, given the details of the last 2 updates and trends that Supercell follows, the most likely dates for the sneak peek and the update can be easily guessed by a trained eye! +

As we all know that Supercell does not work on weekends, the likely dates will be on week days only. Most of the updates either happen on Tuesdays or Wednesdays only (based ont he past updates days). Is this a coincidence or is this a general trend that they follow.

We all know that the Christmas update will be released well before christmas to set the Christmas mood. Thus the only likely dates available as of now are listed below.

A note of caution: I am neither associated or linked with Supercell in any way, and I do not have any insider information. This is just a very likely guess!

Sneak peek of Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 update should be released on 10th December 2014

Guys Christmas in around the corner, there are only 2 complete working weeks left. So, if there has to be a Christmas update the Sneak Peek has to happen within the next week (i.e. between 8th to 12th December). 10th December seems to be the most likely date. Given the fact that after the sneak peek, they will require additional time to implement the update (usually they take 4-6 days).

The actual Christmas Update of Clash of Clans will be done on or before 16th December 2014

If this update does not happen on or around 16th December, there won’t be any time to implement it later. So the final deadline date for the update should be 16th or latest may be 17th December to set the Christmas mood on. Matter of fact the Christmas update of clash of clans for 2013 happened on 5th December 2013, the Christmas update is definitely over-due and do expect major changes in this update including feature updates and also some new dark troops and higher levels of troops.

Guys once the sneak peek is announced, do come visit the blog to see details on what new features and updates will happen in the Christmas update. Happy Clashing!

First Sneak Peek – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans
Second Sneak Peek – Winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans
Sneak Peek Number 3 – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans 
Sneak Peek Number 4 – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans

Happy Clashing!

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