What we can expect in the next COC Update (December 2014)

Clash of Clans - December 2014 (Christmas) Update - Expect More!When is the next likely COC Update?

Although nothing has been declared by Supercell in regards to the next COC update, the most likely thing that all Clashers are expecting is a likely Christmas of pre-Christmas update with many goodies in 2014.


What can we expect in the next COC Update?

Read on to find out what Clashers are expecting in the next Christmas update. Although these are the most asked for feature and upgrades and the most rumored additions which are expected in the next update, from the looks of it, supercell does listen to feedback and feature addition request from clash of clan users and generally implements them in their next or subsequent updates. So here goes the most desired changes and feature additions that clashers are expecting in this Christmas (December 2014) update.

1. Additional Levels for the Witch!

Currently the Witch has 2 levels, given the addition of the skeleton traps and the 4th mortar as permanent additions to the game, the defense side of the game is become more strong. Thus it is likely that this change has been brought about after the introduction of the Hound and to provide for adding higher level dark troops to the game. Thus we can safely expect LVL3 and LVL4 Witches in the forthcoming update of clash of clans. Addition of LVL3 and LVL4 Witches will help improve the GOWIWI ground attacks and possibly provide the additional attack power to 3 star TH9 and TH10 war bases.

2. Additional Levels for the Hound!

The Hound which was introduced in the September 2014 update of the game has 3 levels. We can expect the addition of another one or two levels to this dark troop. Although detail of this update are not available and even confirmation from Supercell is not there for such an addition of extra levels to the hound, Chashers are expecting this in the forthcoming update of clash of clans. Considering the fact that the Hound occupies 30 storage units per Hound, one can expect LVL4 and LVL5 Hounds in the forthcoming updates of clash of clans. Addition of higher level hounds will help strengthen the air attacks to help 3 star TH9 and TH10 war bases.

3. A new Dark Troop the Spider?

Although there is no official confirmation of introduction of a new dark troop in the December 2014 (Christmas) update of clash of clans, rumor has it that there is a new dark troop brewing in the hindsight. Features, level, and other troop specifications have still not been announced, however, I have here a sneak peek into the look of the troop.  It is rumored that this new dark elixir troops is a defenses affecting troop which slows down the defenses in its vicinity. The spider has affinity towards defense buildings and may carry a range impact. Further details may be revealed when this dark troop is unveiled.[/one_half_last]

Expect a new dark troop called the Spider in December 2014 - Clash of Clans Christmas Update

Image courtesy: forums.supercell.net

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