Upcoming Update Leaked? Clash of Clans

Future-Update-Clash-of-ClansExpecting Level 50 Heros At Town Hall 11 – Upcoming Update – Clash of Clans

While it’s been a while that a major update has been introduced in Clash of Clans, for all of us who are craving a major update, there may be good news around the corner. The upcoming update of clash of clans will surely not disappoint. If we are to go by the usual upgrade schedule that Supercell follows for clash of clans, a major update was due in April 2015. Since, at that point, a minor update was brought about by them, a major update is overdue and can be expected in July 2015 (this month!).


You may find many post and articles on both level 5 dragons and town hall level 11 what is slated to come anytime in the future update of the game. As we speak testing and tweaking is going on and a major upcoming update is around the corner. Although not much has been released in terms of news related to the next update in clash of clans, there is a huge probability that both the level 5 dragon and level 11 town hall are going to be a part of the next update which is rumored to release on 1st of July 2015.

Not an official leak! Leak Disappeared!

If you guys don’t already know, some of the update features was actually leaked a few days ago. I think it was on the Thursday night (28th May 2015). The new update was actually on the forums. Of-course there is no way for us to conform that this is 100% true. However what I feel is that this might be true as there is a lot of stuff that has been in speculation for quite some time. There were two thing that were phony on the forums and today I am going to be just discussing both the things taking things further and hopefully we will be able to crack down what is in this new update. But, before it even comes out, please keep in mind this is all speculation and there is no way to confirm whatsoever if this is a hundred percent true, however I feel like it is. If you guys trust me that is ok, and if you guys don’t trust me that is ok as well.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What was the leak about?

So, the first thing which is kind of talked about on the forums is town hall 11. So now, town hall 11 has been in the community for quite some time. So, it’s hard to believe any video that is been around for town hall 11. Generally in the beginning of July Supercell releases these big: major updates. So I think town hall 11 will be there in this update for that reason (major update). So, some of you guys may be asking yourself: what would town hall 11 actually look like? Since there are clearly no pictures and no verification like I said.

Well if you look at the walls at town hall 10, the level 11 walls, you see the “bright shiny electricity”. Look at the max mortars, the max teslas, the max wizard towers, all of them have like this theme: some kind of a futuristic look. So, I think it would be safe to say that town hall 11 will not be dark like town hall 9. Also it won’t have an aura like the town hall 10. I think it is going to be something unique, some thing we haven’t seen before. And it will be something that will be totally awesome. They have had several months to work on it so, guys I wouldn’t be disappointed by the appearance at all.

Now, the next concept I want to talk about is the walls. Will there be level 12 walls or will walls be cheaper? or wall will be any different from what they are now? Basically at town hall 8 walls are level 8 as you all know. But, at town hall 9 everything is a little messed up as level 10 walls are introduced and then at town hall 10 they introduced level 11 walls. So at town hall 11 will there be level 12 walls? I don’t think so, and the reason for that is that level 12 walls will be super expensive and they would like kind of throw off the futuristic theme that is being followed at town hall 10 right now. So although I believe that there won’t be level 12 walls (this is just an assumption), I do believe that level 11 town hall will have 25 extra walls. The reason why I believe that there will be 25 extra walls is because from town hall 9 to town hall 10 you get zero walls. Meaning that a town hall 10 has exactly the same number of walls as a town hall 9 does. So, that’s why I believe that town hall 11 will come with extra 25 odd walls. That will bring a little bit something new to the game.

I don’t think that walls will be the only new thing available, I believe there will be a new archer tower and a new cannon. Because whenever you upgrade your town hall, there is always a new cannon and archer tower available to buy. That’s true, no matter what town hall you are on once your upgrade your town hall and boom there is always a cannon and archer tower available to buy when go to the shop. I feel that there is a 100% guarantee that we can expect the same at town hall 11.

The next thing that was speculated in the forum post was the concept of a new hero. A new hero and the town hall 11 were the two things that were supposed to be leaked. There is no way to confirm that, however what I feel is that that is true. Heros first come out at town hall 9 at a maximum level of 30 and then when you upgrade your town hall to level 10, the max level of heros goes to level 40. At town hall level may be there will some kind of extra defense maybe the 4th x-bow or the third Inferno tower or even both. If that is the case then I guess the heros will be taken to level 50. If however no additional high level defense buildings are introduced in the update, then the heros may go upto level 45. One thing that comes to mind is that the level 40 archer queen costs 200,000 dark elixir and that is the maximum dark elixir storage limit. How much will the level 41, 42 and so on cost? Will they cost the same 200,000 for every extra level? Or will there be an additional dark elixir storage level? A level 7 Dark elixir storage or will they introduce additional dark elixir storage? Will they also make the dark elixir drill to go up to level 7 them? To kind of complement the storage and also to help get higher amounts of dark elixir into the equation to complement the higher levels of the heros.

What more can be expected?

Level 7 Barbarians, level 7 archers and level 7 giants have already been introduced over the past year. Will they also introduce level 7 goblins, level 7 balloons level 7 wall breakers? What will they introduce in this upcoming update? they will have to introduce so kind of higher level troops. Of course there will be some kind of new features, bug fixes, buffering etc. Ok guys this everything I think will be in the upcoming update and if this leak was true, you can expect town hall 11 and higher level heros 100%. Also accompanies with the town hall 11, expect some basic changes that will complement the new town hall. I don’t know what you guys think but if the leak is true, then expect the town hall 11 in the upcoming update! Post your comments and tell me what you guys think!

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