Town Hall 8 War Base of the Month | May 2015 (with Air Sweeper)

Air sweeper is a rather new introduction in buildings in Clash of Clans. With the introduction of the “Air Sweeper”, we all need to adapt our base layouts by including them. While including the air sweeper into your current base design is simpler and may or may not be as effective as a base design which positions the air sweeper strategically along with other defense buildings to utilize it’s effectiveness well. If you would like to know more on how to position the air sweeper well within your current base design, I will be writing an article shortly for the same.

For now, and for the sake of this article, I am producing a town hall 8 base design that has the air sweeper included and well positioned to utilize it’s abilities in the best possible manner. Other base designs and positioning will also be effective, and in the future, I will keep bringing better and better town hall 8 base design layouts for you so that you can try them in clan wars.

In my previous article on “Three Effective TH8 War Base Layouts“, you can get 3 more such designs which you may integrate into your war base and enjoy! For Town Hall 8 players, you may also like to take a look at the following war base designs and layouts that are more popular among our readers due to their best defense capabilities:

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Below is a design that is not only an anti-air TH8 war base, it will also work great against most commonly used troop combinations in clan wars when attacked by TH8 or lower opponents.

TH8 war base layout with air sweeper

TH8 war base layout if the month – May 2015 (with air sweeper)

Ever wondered why your war base gets 3 starred in clan wars when your base is attacked with level 3 or higher dragons? The reason is quite simple. Not too much of fire power or you base’s defenses do not get the time to take out attacking troops. Now, however, with the air sweeper and it’s push-back ability, attacking armies will be pushed back while they are trying to move forward. Thus as in the above base design, if the air sweeper provides a sufficient number of pushes, the entire armies can be wiped out with air defense towers.

The above base design has centrally located town-hall, All 3 air defenses providing air defense cover to the town hall to protect that crucial 1 star and most importantly, the air sweeper which will push back the air troops before they can advance and destroy the air defense towers. This kind of a base layout will make it very difficult for air attack troops to reach the central part of the base. Earlier, dragon army attackers used to use 3 lightening spells to take out one of the air defenses, now, however, this will not work and with the 2 remaining air defenses it will be comfortable to take out all air troops.

If you enjoy the base design and would like me to post more such designs, do post your comments and suggestions. If you have a TH8 war base design (with the air sweeper) which has been performing well do consider sharing the same with us.

Cheers and happy clashing.

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