Top TH10 Farming Bases – Latest Layouts

10 TH10 Farming Base Layouts

TH10 Farming Base Layouts (latest with 4 mortars and skeleton traps) for 2015.


Here is a collection of best 10 TH10 farming base layouts which include both the 4th mortar and skeleton traps. I have compiled this collection for all my friends who are at TH10 and are looking for good base designs which they can integrate into their base editor to help switch between the layouts anytime.

So, without further delay, I am providing below, my collection of best Th10 farming base designs for 2015 and beyond, hope you will like them:

TH10 Farming Base # 1

TH10 Farming Base

A trophy push TH10 Farming Design.

The above TH10 farming layout features a central and well-protected town hall. The main purpose of the layout is to defend and protect trophies while climbing trophies and farming. The town hall is well protected and defended by high-level teslas and inferno towers which are positioned almost adjacent to the town hall. There is a 3 wall layer protection in order to delay the advancement of troops from all sides. The 4 air defense towers are well positioned to help guard the village from all 4 sides. Resource storages are well positioned and protected. The dark elixir storage has been provided extra protection and defense cover. In all, the base is well balanced and protected from all sides.

The above layout will protect well from following attack army combinations: BArch, BArMi, Giants, Hogs, Loonian, and Dragons.

TH10 Farming Base # 2

TH10 Farming Base

A Hybrid TH10 Farming Design.

This TH10 Farming layout is a hybrid base which is a multipurpose layout. On one side, it helps protect trophies (even taking 1 star or one-third trophies is very difficult and may consume a good part of an attacker’s army) and on the other side, it helps protect resources from being looted. The evenly spread out defense buildings provide sufficient cover to the storage buildings and also help ensure that the enemy army is wiped out before they can collect a lion’s share of the available loot. This kind of a base design helps in trophy push as well as in guarding and defending from attackers who want to loot your village.

The above layout will protect well from following attack army combinations: BArch, BArMi, Giants, Hogs, GiWiWi, GoWiWi, GoWiPe, etc.

TH10 Farming Base # 3

TH10 Farming Base

A trophy push TH10 Farming Design.

Again another trophy push TH10 farming layout. This layout also features a centrally located town hall and again it si well protected with a minimum of 3 wall layer protection form all sides. This layout is further strengthened by the presence of wizard towers which are quite close to the town hall (from all sides). Closeness of the barbarian king and the archer queen also provides the much needed extra protection to the town hall. This base design serves as primarily a trophy push layout. This base will almost always help save trophies and will many times help gain a 12 hour shield by giving away between 40-49% damage.


TH10 Farming Base # 4

TH10 Farming Base

A Resource Saving TH10 Farming Design.

The above TH10 farming layout design is mainly a resource saving design. Notice the isolated town hall. This helps give away some trophies in exchange of a 12 hours shield and in many cases the attacker is content and moves away in order to find other targets. If, however, an attacker wants to loot resources, the base holds good and almost always helps protect the most precious loot (the dark elixir). Also, any attacker will be able to loot only a portion of the available loot from one or maximum 2 sides. Seldom is an attacker able to gain the total available loot.

TH10 Farming Base # 5

TH10 Farming Base

A Hybrid Th10 Farming Design.

Another Hybrid TH10 farming layout. The purpose of this design is to create confusion in the mind of the attacker. In all probability, any attacker looking at this base will be in two minds if he would like to target loot or trophies from the village. If he goes for trophies, then he will have to use a major share of his army to just destroy the town hall. Thus, the attacker will be left with little amount of troops to garner any loot. If, however, the attacker goes for loot, he or she is greeted with an array of giant bombs. If things go right, many a times the attacker will fail to gain the loot. This farming base defends well from Giants attack armies in particular.


TH10 Farming Base # 6

TH10 Farming Base

A Hybrid Th10 Farming Design.

Again, another hybrid TH10 farming layout. Again a centrally located town hall well protected with 3 wall layers and defense buildings from all sides. This simple but effective TH10 farming base design will protect well the trophies as well as the available loot form almost all kinds of attacking armies and will give away little or no trophies and loot to the attacker.

TH10 Farming Base # 7

TH10 Farming Base

A Dark Elixir Saving TH10 Farming Layout.

Have a look at the above TH10 farming layout layout. One of the salient features of this design is a completely isolated town hall. It’s an inviting town hall which is purposely left in the open and secluded form any other building allowing any attacker to destroy the town hall. The purpose is quite simple. We allow the attacker to take the minimum available trophies without deploying their full army. Actually, they can take out this town hall with just 2 or 3 archers. What we expect and what happens after the attacker has taken out the town hall. They will have wasted around 1 to 1.5 minutes in doing so. Knowing that they will not be able to gain substantial loot with half the time at hand, most of the attackers would choose to save their army for another attack and leave. Thus providing the village with an inexpensive 12 hours shield almost every time.

Further, notice how the dark elixir storage is well protected, this base design particularly helps protect the dark elixir from being looted. Even if the attacker decides to gain loot out of the base, 9 out of 10 times, he / she will not be able to gain dark elixir loot from the base.

TH10 Farming Base # 8

TH10 Farming Base

A Resource Saving TH10 Farming Layout.

Another resource saving and shield getting TH10 farming layout. Again in this design, notice the isolated town hall, well guarded resource storage buildings and perfect placement of the traps in order to inflict maximum damage to attackers who intend to gain loot. If, however, they just want a trophy push, this layout allows them to do that.

TH10 Farming Base # 9


Another Hybrid TH10 Farming Layout.

Again, a hybrid TH10 farming layout layout that will help in trophy push in particular. Works well from loonian attacks and giant attacks which are most common in farming within the Crystal 1 and higher trophy ranges. This layout will work well if you want to push trophies fast. If you are not that much interested in saving or protecting resources, this is the layout for you. 70% of all attacks will be repelled and well defended, providing your base a trophy push while you are sleeping.

TH10 Farming Base # 10


A TH10 farming desin which does not re-arm most expensive traps.

In this above TH10 farming layout, notice the placement of almost all traps on the outside and in a secluded corner. The reason is simple. It costs a huge fortune just to rearm the traps. Now while farming, one may decide not to waste precious gold in rearming the traps. So, the best choice is to seclude the costly traps and never re-arm them. As it is, the defenses of the base are pretty strong. This highly upgraded base can defend well even without the traps. This TH10 farming base features centrally located clan castle and dark elixir storage. Complete circle of defense buildings and other resource sotrages and collections provide a 3 layer protection to the dark storage from all sides. A semi-isolated town hall also helps ensure that trophy pushers will have to spend a portion of their armies just to gain the 1 star.

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