Top 5 TH 9 War Base Designs COC (4 Mortars)

Top 5 town hall 9 war or trophy base designs for November 2014 - Clash of Clans


Owing to huge demand for effective and varying Th9 war base designs, Here is a compilation of Top 5 different and effective TH9 war base designs that you can choose from to use in your clash of clans – clan wars. Each base design is hand picked after evaluating their defense against attacks before including them in this collection. Some of the war bases included here are submitted through email by our blog users. Credit goes to them also for the compilation of the Top 5 TH9 War Base Design Collection (All designs include: 4 mortars and skeleton traps). So, here it goes:

Design No 1:

A Centralized town hall (making it most difficult to reach from all sides), closely placed x-bows to inflict maximum damage and cover the entire base, central clan castle to make luring of the CC troops difficult and strategic positioning of other defense buildings to evenly provide defense from all 4 directions. Use of lvl 9 walls to provide maximum protection to the central buildings is very important to protect the base against both air and ground troops and combinations thereof.

TH9 War / Trophy Base design number 1:

Town hall 9 war base design number 1

Design No 2:

A centrally located clan castle, evenly spread out air defense towers and wizard towers, almost 100% coverage of the available design area, 4 high level teslas placed close to the town hall and at least 2 layers of walls to protect the base. In all an effective war base design to protect against 2 or 3 stars. 90% of all attacks yield only 1 star in clan wars.

TH9 War / Trophy Base design number 2:

Townhall 9 war base design number 2

Design No 3:

A centrally located town hall, minimum 2 layers of level 10 walls, Evenly spread out cannons on all sides to protect against wall breakers, Evenly spread out traps to protect against giants & balloons. Well placed and fully developed 4 mortars for maximum splash damage. This base design will protect your base against both ground and air attacks. Not an easy to break base and will defend well in clan wars yielding no or one star only in most attacks.

TH9 War / Trophy Base design number 3:

Townhall 9 war base design number 3

Design No 4:

Central town hall placement, four maxed out hidden tesla towers to protect it, all 4 air defense towers protecting the townhall, 3 layers of walls, clan castle and skeleton traps placed within the final layer, strategically positioned archer towers and wizard towers help protect this base well against all air attacks. Enemies in clan wars will be forced to use ground attacks only and 3 layers of maximum lvl 9 walls will ensure perfect protection against ground attacks as well. In all this base design will not give away more than 1 star in clan war attacks.

TH9 War / Trophy Base design number 4:

Townhall 9 war base design number 4

Design No 5:

Again, a central placement of town hall, notice the two maxed out archer towers place close to the town hall to protect against both air and ground troops. Even placement of all defense building including the hidden tesla towers to provide the surprise element, giant bombs, spring traps and other traps are all strategically positioned to inflict maximum damage to attacking armies and for best defense. The 4 mortars are symmetrically positioned to provide splash damage cover to the entire base. In all, a base that will defend equally well against both ground and air attacks. Seldom will this base be 2 starred in the clan wars.

TH9 War / Trophy Base design number 5:

Townhall 9 war base design number 5

Choose which TH 9 War Base Design Your Like

Choose which TH9 war base design has worked for you from the above and which is the one you like the most. Stay tuned with us to see more TH9 war base and trophy base design in the near future. Cheers and happy clashing! Ah and do post your comments below. If you have your own base design that you would like to share with others, email us on and I will try to include them in the future articles.

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