Top 5 TH 6 Defense Base Designs for 2015

5 Best Town Hall 6 Defense Base Designs of 2015

Best TH6 Defense Base Layouts of 2015

Best TH 6 Defense Base Designs 2015


Here is a collection of top 5 Town Hall 6 defense designs which you can use for your village. This collection is latest (created in 2015) and houses the best defense layouts that help protect both trophies and resources from being looted while farming. So, without further ado, here goes the top 5 TH 6 Defense layouts for 2015 and beyond:

TH 6 Defense Base Design #1

Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Designs 2015

Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design Number 1 for 2015

An Anti-All TH6 Defense cum Trophy Layout

This TH6 Defense layout design protects well against almost all kinds of troop combination attacks (attacks only by town hall 6 and lower). For higher town hall attackers, there is no way to defend well.

The above base layout provides a 2 wall layer protection to the town hall. The Air defense tower and the clan castle are both positioned adjacent to the town hall and well within the second layer of walls. Further, both the mortars are also positioned adjacent to the town hall and within the second layer of walls.

Within the first layer of walls, you will find well balanced positioning of the archer towers, cannons and the wizard towers. Further, all 4 resource storages are also positioned within the first layer and get both air and ground protection form behind and besides them. Further, care is taken to ensure perfect positioning of all the traps within the first layer of walls and between the defense buildings. Finally, the TH6 defense base has a outer layer of buildings which work as a front line damage absorbing layer. If attacked, the outer layer of buildings will absorb the damage while the inner first and second layer of defense buildings will help take the attacking armies out quickly.

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TH 6 Defense Base Design #2

Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Designs 2015

Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design Number 2 for 2015

An Ultimate Trophy Defense Layout Plan – TH6

The above TH6 defense layout is an ultimate trophy defense design for town hall 6. It defends well from up to level 3 general troops and may also protect from attacking armies containing lower level minions and even level 1 hogs. The most important thing is to place high level wizards (preferably level 5 or level 6) within the clan castle to ensure best results. This is a trophy defense base and thus protection of resources is second priority.

The above layout is again a 2 wall layer protection design. Level 5 walls on the exterior and in places from where you would want an attacker to start an attack and level 6 walls to protect or delay the progress of any army from where we do not want them to begin an attack.

Within the outer layer of buildings, elixir collectors, builder huts, barracks, army camps, spell factory and the laboratory are placed in order to make what is called a first line of defense buildings. Beyond the first layer of walls are gold collectors, cannons, archer towers, gold storages and some traps. Finally, within the final layer of walls, the town hall, 2 mortars, 2 wizard towers, elixir storages, clan castle and some more traps are positioned. Due to an even and well balanced base design, many attackers choose to attack the base from below. Here we have positioned the only one giant bomb which will inflict maximum damage to the attacking armies.

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TH 6 Defense Base Design #3

Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Designs 2015

Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design Number 3 for 2015

Best Resources Defense Layout Plan – TH6

At town hall 6, it’s not only about protecting the trophies when it comes to defense. It’s also very important to protect the resources from being looted. I have been receiving many requests for a good and  effective resource defense base design for TH6 from many of my blog readers. Thus I posted this TH6 defense layout.

In the above layout, although the town hall is positioned within the first layer of walls, it is a semi-protected town hall. It has a primary cover of defense by mortars, clan castle and the air defense tower. Since, the objective of the base is to protect the resources, this layout may hold good as a trophy defense base only when attacker by lower level town hall players of by players who have underdeveloped troops. In most attacks, though an attacker will be able to destroy the town hall and gain some trophies.

When it comes to protecting the resources, the base design work pretty well and helps defend maximum available loot. One of the key features of this design is the splash damage the wizard towers inflict on attacking armies when they are in the lookout to target the resource storages. Also, strategic positioning of the bombs helps ensure elimination of a good portion of the attacking armies before they can loot the base.

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TH 6 Defense Base Design #4

Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Designs 2015

Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design Number 4 for 2015

A Hybrid TH6 Defense Base

The above design helps use the level 6 walls well. It’s mainly a defense base which will protect resources if attacked from the bottom part of the base and would protect trophies if attacked from the top. Amazingly, this is a hybrid base design which helps protect both trophies and resources. Something which is very difficult to find at TH6. It defends well from attacks of like level attackers. This hybrid TH6 defense base will not stand good or protect against attacks from TH7 and TH8 highly developed armies and higher end troops well organized attacks.

This Hybrid TH6 layout has 2 distinct features:

  1. A clustered placement of all ground traps in one area. 90% of all attacks for loot happen to start from this side. The reason is quite simple. Visually, this side comprises of all the resource storages and looks pretty simple and easy to attack and loot.
  2. Air defenses tower and both air bombs are again positioned to help protect only the available loot from storages. Irrespective of which side the attacker chooses to launch an air attack, as they draw closer to the resource storages, both the air traps and the air defense tower get into action.

TH 6 Defense Base Designs #5

Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Designs 2015

Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design Number 5 for 2015

Arguably the Best TH6 Troll Base Design of 2015

I say arguably cause it’s matter of comparison and personal choice. This final base design in the list of 5 Best Town Hall 6 Defense Base Designs of 2015 is a troll base. At TH6 you don’t find many troll base layouts. Thus this one I had to prepare and test for myself before I could publish it. This layout apart from being a troll base, works well as a defense base design for both protecting against being looted and for protecting trophies!

2 Salient features of this Layout:

  1. A centrally located town hall which is adjacent to a cluster of traps on one side and a clan castle on the bang opposite side.
  2. Second and most importantly, the cluster of traps area in the layout get protection from almost all the defenses including the clan castle. Over and above that, the base defends well even if the attacker is not lure into falling for the troll.

I would say that this is probably one of the best defense base designs of 2015.

Your Comments on The Top 5 TH6 Defense Base Layouts

I have put in a lot of effort and testing before coming up with the above five designs. After repetitive testing and modifications, the above 5 designs have been perfected to perform well mainly in order to defend both trophies and resources. Feel free to take advantage of these layouts, implement them in your village designs both in farming and in clan war. Share these designs with your friends and clan mates. If you like or dislike any of the designs do post your valuable inputs in the comments section below.

Also if you think that you have a better clash of clans th6 base design which deserves to be included in this collection of top5 TH6 defense layouts of 2015, please post a link to those designs or email me the designs. I will evaluate them, and if any design works well, I will include them within this article or in the following article on TH6 designs.

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