Top 3 Well Structured Settlements TH6 Base Designs

What do I mean by “Well Structured Settlements”?

When you start building any farming, trophy saving, trophy push or resource saving base design, it is very important to arrange and organize available buildings in such a way that attacking armies are delayed or distracted so that your defensive buildings get more time to kill them. Thus, in order to assemble effective layouts, special attention needs to be given to the shape and arrangement of available buildings to construct tough layouts.


One aspect which receives least attention is the settlement. By settlement I mean the bare base without structures. What I mean is the base with obstacles but not buildings. Obstacles are known to deviate ground troops. In our effort to gain Gems, however, we constantly keep removing such obstacles as and when they get generated. However, have you given a thought as to how you can use these obstacles to help ensure delay attacking troops? In the bargain, to get Gems we conveniently remove all obstacles.

As against removing such obstacles, would it not be better to let them grow around the base design? This is where the concept of a “Well Structured Settlement” comes in. Allow to grow and keep obstacles around the base that you have designed in order to delay ground attack armies. Although the delay for the attacking armies will be minuscule, however, having such an obstacle course surround the entire base would help delay Barbarians, Wall Breakers, Archers, Goblins, Giants and even Wizards! Giving your defense buildings that extra 1 second that can help eliminate troops before they can inflict damage. If like me, you are in agreement with my understanding and would like to utilize the settlement structures other than buildings to defend your trophies and resources, read on to see 10 such base designs that you can assemble over time.

Thus, without further delay, I am assembling herein a collection of Top 5 Structured Settlements Town Hall 6 farming, trophy push, resource saving & clan war base design layouts which you can use to allow obstacles to grow around and shape it in such a way that the obstacles can delay ground attack armies. As is the case with structured settlements, you may not be able to get exact replicas of the base designs as structures (obstacles) grow randomly on available (free) block positions, however, over time, your base will be covered with such structures on all sides (be it trunks, trees, Mushrooms, bushes or even a gem box).

TH6 Base Design#1 (Farming Layout)

While farming, in my understanding, we are all concerned about 2 main things: 1. To protect our available loot and 2. to get a shield as soon as possible. You may find various other blogs which post many farming base designs, however not many focus on these two main objectives. Any effective farming base design should provide a resolution to these two requirements. I am sure, you will be in agreement with me that, to achieve the above two requirements, a farming base design should be assembled, build and shaped to achieve them. Below is one such Town Hall 6 farming base design which you can use to both save resources & gain instant shield whenever you go offline.

A Structured Settlement TH6 Farming Layout:

A Town Hall 6 farming base design (structured settlement) - Obstacles help delay attacking ground troops

A Town Hall 6 farming base design with Structured Settlements to help delay attacking ground troops.

In the above Town Hall 6 farming base design, the town hall is purposely placed at the bottom with bare minimum protection by defense buildings. This is purposely done to help ensure the attacker gains a win. However, while gaining a win, in most cases, the attacker will have used up 20-30% of his army troops. In the bargain, he/she will end up with at-least 20% lower troops to gain loot. Here is when they have to decide if they would like to pursue further to gain loot or to leave with a win and pursue other easier bases for loot.

Detailed Understanding of the Above Design

Further, when you pay attention to the arrangement of buildings and how the base is build, you will see that the air defense and the mortars which inflict maximum damage to air and ground troops respectively have been positioned centrally. In order to organize an un-lootable or difficult to loot base, resource storages have also been placed closer in the above arrangement. It’s a balanced arrangement of both ground and air defenses which helps defend well against both ground and air attacks.

In very rare cases wherein a high level attacker constructs a costly army (in revenge cases), only then, can be loot the entire available loot. For normal farming armies it is not possible to gain 100% loot from this layout. Most attackers will settle for either trophies or a small share of the available loot.

TH6 Base Design#2 (Hybrid Layout)

Again this Hybrid Town Hall 6 base design utilizes the Structured Settlements perfectly. As is the purpose of any Hybrid base design, this layout below not only helps protect trophies but also helps protect resources. The only drawback is that this town hall 6 hybrid base design is only effective against attacks from town hall 6 and below attackers. It’s not possible for this base design to defend against attacks from Town Hall 7 and higher attackers. Although, in some cases it my defend well against poorly planned Town Hall 7 attackers (specially of you hold level 6 wizards in the clan castle), these kind of defense wins will be few and far between. At Town hall 6, it is important to remain in a low trophy range in order to avoid being attacked by high level players when you want to save resources from being looted.

A Structured Settlement TH6 Hybrid Layout:

A Town Hall 6 hybrid base design (structured settlement) - Obstacles help delay attacking ground troops

A Town Hall 6 hybrid base design with Structured Settlements to help delay attacking ground troops.

In the above Town Hall 6 hybrid base design, the town hall is placed behind 2 layers of buildings and walls with protection form all four sides (a mix of both defense buildings and attack absorbing buildings). This is purposely done to help ensure the attacker does not gain a win. However, while some attackers will still gain a win (especially of they deploy complete attack armies from one side (in this case the town hall side). In such cases, they will be left with little to gain any loot and will not even gain the 50% win. So, in normal cases, the attacker will only get one third the amount of trophies that will be available to them and the base will gain a 12 hours shield.

Detailed Understanding of the Above Design

If you pay attention to the arrangement of buildings and how the base is build, you will notice that the town hall and the air defense tower are closely placed. This provides the much needed air defense protection to the town hall and may even be effective in protecting the base from town hall 7 (dragon attacks). However, the base may not hold good from level 2 or level 3 mass dragon attacks. There are many trophy pushers out there who are looking to gain a 100% win for which they prepare a costly all dragons army. Players want to push to crystal league to gain free gems. Stay away (preferably in Silver 1 or Gold 1 trophy range) in order to avoid such attackers.

In the above hybrid TH6 layout, notice how the two maxed out wizard towers are placed close to each other. This kind of a placement provides the much needed protection from herds of archers, barbarians, wizards and even giants to some extent. Closely positioned archer towers and cannons provide the much needed protection to the resource storages in order to protect maximum available loot. Only attackers with high resolution and determination and a high level army can gain a 100% victory on this hybrid base design.


TH6 Base Design#3 (Trophy Layout)

A Town Hall 6 Trophy Push Base Design (it will not take you to Crystal League) which utilizes the  Structured Settlement well. The purpose of any trophy push layout design is to help gain trophies while being attacked (i.e., protect the base and not get even 1 starred). Invariably that is the most difficult thing to achieve at Town Hall 6. At TH6, you are likely to get attacked by TH7s, TH8s and even TH9s. How can the weak defenses hold good against the high level archers and barbarians of TH8 or TH9 attackers. So, if you think you will find a base design that will do this, you will be disappointed. The purpose of a trophy base design at Town Hall 6 is to defend well against attacks of only Town Hall 6 and some Town Hall 7 attackers. Expecting more than is extrapolation.

A Structured Settlement TH6 Trophy Layout:

A Town Hall 6 trophy base design (structured settlement) - Obstacles help delay attacking ground troops

A Town Hall 6 trophy base design with Structured Settlements to help delay attacking ground troops.

The above Town Hall 6 Trophy base design features a centrally located town hall that is equally difficult to reach from all sides. Perfect placement of traps and defense buildings help ensure that it is a balanced and difficult to break defense. The base design will even give away some loot to trade trophies. One thing that you need to consider is to hold level 5 plus wizards or level 3 plus dragon in the clan castle to help ensure trophy protection. In most cases, the perfect placement of traps both air and ground help eliminate a good portion of the attack armies well before they can reach the town hall. The obstacles on all sides help delay the progress of attacking ground troops. Every time you go offline, rest assured the first attack on your base will actually help you gain trophies which will help offset the trophy loss you may encounter in the second or third attack (as many a times the base will not be able to gain a shield in the first attack).

Detailed Understanding of the Above Design

Paying a close attention to the arrangement of buildings reveals that almost all defense buildings contribute to defend the town hall in particular and also provide secondary support to other defense buildings and storages. This is imperative while building an effective trophy push base design. Regardless to say, that if the base is attacked by a town hall 8 or higher player it does not stand a chance. For all my friends playing Clash of Clans on Town Hall 6, may I suggest to quickly upgrade all defense buildings and walls to help further delay and early elimination of attacking armies.

If you are new at town hall 6 and do not have upgraded defenses, chances are that this layout may not work for you as expected. Please bear with it and upgrade your defense buildings asap in order to gain advantage of this layout design. If you are looking to do a trophy push, bear in mind that I have tried it and I have reached Gold 1 League very easily (however, I never tried to reach Crystal league with this layout). A piece of advise for my friends at Town Hall 6, please do not attempt to reach Crystal League at Town Hall 6, leave it for when you reach and max out your base at Town Hall 7. Another note of caution, this base design may not be as effective in terms of protecting resources from being looted. The above design will hold good from all TH6 attack armies and will even defend well against all dragon (level 1) attack armies. This design can most definitely be used as a clan war base design in clan wars.

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