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In my quest to provide most effective TH9 farming base designs, here is a collection of latest TH9 farming base designs that will both help protect your available loot and also help you in terms of giving away only 1 star in order to protect the loss of trophies thus helping in trophy push as well.


TH9 Four Mortars Farming Base Designs

1. Anti-Barch, Anti-Giants town hall 9 4 Mortar farming base

To guard your gold, elixir and dark elixir against loot. This TH9 4 mortar base design will effectively save you against most ground attacks (hogs included). Nine out of ten times, opponents will get lured into destroying the townhall and moving away! Providing you with a 12 hours shield instantly. This base design is specially effective in crystal league.

Th9 4 Mortar farming base (Anti-Barch and Anti-Giants)


2. Anti-Loons (Balloons) and Anti-Dragons Townhall 9 4 Mortar Farming Base

As the primary objective of any farming base is to guard against loot and getting a shield giving away minimum loot. If you frequently get attacked by air troops including Balloons, Minions and Dragons, in order to save your loot, you need a base design which will guard your base effectively and get you a shield giving away minimum loot. At TH9, you generally and more frequently get attacked with lvl 6 Baloons and Minions combination, which can be very effective and can help your adversary gain maximum loot out of your base. To avoid this, below is an Anti-Air-Attack Townhall 9 Farming base design. What More this base is anti-giants and anti-hogs as well!

This 4 mortars th9 base design will effectively save you against most air attacks.

Th9 4 Mortar farming base (Anti-Air and Anti-Giants)

3. Anti-All TH9 4 Mortar Farming Base Design

Is it really possible to have a base which can protect your loot completely? The answer is no! However, there are base designs which can help destroy attacking troops by giving away minimal loot. This is the main objective of any Anti-All farming base design. Add a little bit of a surprise elements and it becomes an anti-all th9 4 mortar tricky base design which helps save more than 50% of loot every time.

Below is the Anti-All TH9 4 Mortar farming base design which you can adopt to your specific requirements. This th9 4 mortar design is designed in such a way that it will deal damage on any one side destroying the enemy troops and giving away 25-50% of loot if the enemy tries to loot you. For trophy pushers, the base is so designed that it will give away trophies by way of an open townhall, however it will not be a cakewalk. If you are used to keeping a lot of resources in your resource stores or are planing for any kind of lab update for which you need to collect and keep protected the loot, this is a good base design.

Th9 4 Mortar farming base (Anti-All)

Copy these design & share your Experiences

I have provided above Top 3 TH9 farming base designs which you can use and see how they work for you. You are most welcome to use any of the above designs in your farming bases as you please. Below, you can share your experience after integrating any of these designs in your farming bases and comment. If you would like to share any base designs you think help you better, you may post in the comments an image of the base design also. Finally, if you did not like any of the base designs and would like to suggest changes in them, please post in the comments section below.

Happy Clashing!

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