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TH6 Farming Base Layouts to Protect Resources from Being Looted – COC

In my quest to provide the best farming bases to my blog visitors, today I will provide herein Top 3 TH6 Farming base layouts that you can use to primarily protect your base from being looted. I have been always saying one thing, do not stack too much resources for people to be tempted to attack you.

However, due to unavailability of the builder, we all at some time or the other have to leave our bases with more than the desirable available loot. In such cases, you need a good defensive base (farming layout) which will protect the major share of available loot from attackers. Having said this, below are the top 3 TH6 farming base designs that have worked for me.

You may choose the design that you feel will work best for you depending on your trophy level and the troops that usually attack you:

 TH6 Farming Base Layout Number 1

This base layout has an isolated town hall positioned in the top corner. We all know that 70% of all attackers want an easy win for for two main reasons : the loot bonus; to gain trophies (for trophy climbing). If they find an isolated town hall, chances are that they will use minimum troops to attack, gain the loot bonus / trophy points and leave. So, 7 out of 10 times, you will gain a 12 hours shield giving away minimal loot.

For the remaining 30% attackers who attack with two main reasons: revenge; to loot complete resources. For the sake of such attacks, we have excluded 3 other buildings from the range of the defense buildings. These are the 3 least important buildings when it comes to protect your resources:

1. The Spell Factory 2. The Laboratory and, 3. One Barrack

These 3 buildings are placed in the remaining 3 corners of the base design. Even if you get completely looted by a higher level attacker like a TH7 or TH8 attacker, this layout will try to save you some trophies by way of time spent to do 100% damage.

The base layout has 2 centrally positioned Mortars. These mortars are providing cover to both the resource storages and the defensive buildings. A centrally positioned air defense to protect the loot from all sides. Archer towers and wizard towers positioned adjacent to the resource storages in order to protect them as much as possible. A 2 layer wall protection and wall diversions in order to ensure some delay for attacking troops before they can take out the defensive buildings placed within the outside layer.

As most loot attackers use giants which have a good health, the spring traps are well positioned in the outside layer to ensure that they get taken out before reaching the final layer of defensive buildings. Primarily this is an anti giants and anti healer farming base layout and will stand good against most ground attacks.

TH6 Farming Base Layout / design to protect resources from being looted. Design number 1 - December 2014

 TH6 Farming Base Layout Number 2

Although this base layout appears to have an isolated town hall, when attacking, the attacker will have to deploy at least 20 percent of their troops just to destroy the townhall in order to just gain loot bonus or minimum trophies. As we know that not all attackers use full fledged armies to gain loot. So, by the time the town hall is destroyed, 70% of all attackers will leave. Providing you with a 12 hours shield!
Only of the attacker is a Th7 or higher, will they be interested in pursuing further to completely destroy the base and take 100% of the available loot. So, 7 out of 10 times, this base design will not give away stored loot. Further, centrally positioned air defense will ensure protection against air attackers.
The elixir storages and the gold storages are strategically positioned in such a way that an attack from one side will not give away full available loot. In most cases, the attacker may only get 50% of the available loot. Further, the layout ensures that even if the attacker uses lightening spell to gain loot, they will only be able to target less than 25% of the available loot with one lightening spell.

TH6 Farming Base Layout / design to protect resources from being looted. Design number 2 - December 2014

A semi-troll TH6 farming base design to protect available loot against attacks.

TH6 Farming Base Layout Number 3

A fish shaped anti all TH6 farming base layout with isolated townhall and centrally located and well protected resource storages. If you have more gold keep the gold storages next to the wizard towers, in my case, since I have more elixir, I have placed the elixir storages next to the wizard towers.
In 90% of all attacks that have happened on this base layout, the attacker has started the attack from the town hall side. By the time they destroy the town hall and reach the storages, many are not left with troops to attack. The walls placement ensures that maximum damage is inflicted to barbarians, archers and wizards which attack the base.

In 90% of all giant attacks, the giants are deployed where we have our giant bomb positioned. This base design particularly works for me as a troll base to easily eliminate giants before they can take out even 30% of my defenses. One thing though, level 4 and higher giants attacks are something else and the base will not stand tall against such high level attacks.
TH6 Farming Base Layout / design to protect resources from being looted. Design number 3 - December 2014

Adapt Any Layout and post your experience

If you like the above base designs, you may freely adapt any one into your base design and please do share or post your comments on how the TH6 farming base design has worked for you. In January 2015, do expect more TH6 farming base designs.. Keep coming back for more! Cheers and happy clashing.

Hope you enjoy and share these base designs with your friends and clan mates. Happy Clashing!

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