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Latest Top 3 TH 10 Clan War Base Layouts (with 4 Mortars)

In this Top 3 Series of Clash of Clans War Base Designs, find herein the Top 3 Town Hall 10 layouts for clan wars. These designs are presented in no particular order, they include the 4th Mortar and the Skeleton Traps and you will find war base designs that will help you make your base Anti-BArch, Anti-Giants, Anti-Hogs, Anti-Dragons, Anti-Loonian, Anti-GoWiPe and Anti-GoWiWi. In other words, each design below is hand crafted to stand well against a set of army attackers and will provide best protection going forward. These war bases have been tested in clan wars and after enough testing and fine tuning the bases, I present to you the Top 3 town hall 10 war base designs (with the 4th Mortar) of December 2014.


Design Number 1: Anti Dragons (Particularly An Anit-Air Latout)

At TH 10 you regularly get attacked with an army of level 4 Dragons along with 2 Freeze Spells & 3 Rage Spells. This kind of an attack and army composition can easily tear down any poorly designed war base and take away 2 or worst still 3 stars. Another lethal war attack army composition is the Loonian attack which again can easily 2 star (if not 3 star) any poorly designed Town Hall 10 war base. Thus, it is important to have a Anti-Air war base design which will take care of such attack armies and will in most cases give away no star or just 1 star so that you and your clan can perform well in clan wars.

Top 5 Town Hall 10 War Base Designs of December 2014 - Design Number 1

In the above base design, notice how the air defenses have been positioned in all four directions in order to provided the base protection against air attacks from any direction the attacker decides to attack. Further the Air Traps (the air bombs and air mines) have been strategically positioned in order to give additional protection to the air defense towers. The spread out positioning of the six archer towers also helps strengthen the overall air defense capabilities of the base. This base is particularly effective against air attacks, not withstanding the fact that it also works well against other combination of attack troops.

Design Number 2: Anti Hogs (Mainly an Anti-Hogs and Anti-Giants Layout)

Has your Town Hall 10 base never been attacked with Level 6 Giants and Level 5 Hogs in Clan War! Almost every second attack in clan wars (specially on TH 10’s) either contains Hogs or Giants in them. If you get attacked with Ground Troops more than Air Troops in clan wars, then this base design will be very effective for you. With the introduction of Level 7 Giants in the Clash of Clans December 2014 Update, all future clan war base designs have to be tailored to counter level seven giant attacks.

Top 5 Town Hall 10 War Base Designs of December 2014 - Design Number 2

The above base design does take care of most ground attacks including high level Hogs and Giants, to some extent it is also pretty effective in controlling the damage from a GoWiPe (as 2 hidden Tesla Towers) positioned outside limit the damage from PEKKAs and help take them out fast. The base will protect well against a poorly planned GOWIPE attack as well. Also, notice the high level X-Bows are set at both Air and Ground and the high level Air Defenses placed in close proximity to each other providing a very strong Air Shield to the left side of the base extending well over the Town Hall. The base will also defend well against an average Air Attack. Only a very well planned and organized Air Attack can 2 Star the base in Clan Wars.

Design Number 3: Anti GoWiWi (Mainly An Anti-Golem Layout)

If your Town Hall 10 base gets regularly attacked from the top part of the base or, if, you want your base to get regularly attacked form the top or bottom, this base design works well for you. Specially of the attacker uses Golems, Wizards and Witches (more popularly known as a GoWiWi) attack troop combination.

Top 5 Town Hall 10 War Base Designs of December 2014 - Design Number 3

In the above Base Layout, strategic positioning of the Giant Bombs & the High Level Archer Towers and Wizard Towers, Queen and King ensures protection and early takeout of the Troops before they can reach the Town Hall. Even if by perfect use of Spells, the opponent manages to reach the Town Hall, perfectly positioned high level Tesla Towers will help ensure that they cannot take down the Town Hall with ease. Further, a minimum of two levels of walls ensures that the Golems are delayed to some extent.

Only a very well planned attack can accomplish 2 Stars on this base design. Apart from being an Anti-GOWIWI base design, this TH 10 War base design also protects well against Air Attack units, specially, when there is level 3 hound in the Clan Castle.  This base design is particularly vulnerable to giving away 2 Stars if the attacker decides to attack from the bottom left or the bottom right part of the base. However, looking at the base design from enemy view, it is highly unlikely to get attacked from those sides.

Share Your Latest TH10 War Base Layout

Hope you like the above three TH10 war layouts. If you have your own layout which has been working well for you in clan wars, please do email us a snap shot of the layout or upload the layout and post a link to the layout below in order for our blog visitors to benefit. Feel free to copy and try these layout for yourself and post your experience and comments below. Cheers and happy clashing!

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