Top 10 Town Hall 5 War Base Layouts

Having reached at Town Hall 5, you must have just got introduced to the Clan Wars concept. Now is the time you upgrade your clan castle and join a suitable clan and start participating in clan wars. So, there is some amount of information that you will need and there will be some base layouts that you will require.


Once you have upgraded your clan castle the first time, you get 2 new war base laouts that you can store in your layout editor. I am providing you herein with top 10 best performing TH5 war base layouts that you can choose from and integrate into your saved war base layouts for use in clan wars.

Basic War Information for Town Hall 5 Players

Before you can proceed to start copying the layouts included below in this article, there is some basic information and guidance that I would like to provide you. As you will notice that once you participate in a clan war the first time, you will probably be positioned in the end (bottom part) in the clan wars map. This is but natural as your base has the least amount of total HP (total hit points) which is the primary calculation for placement in clan war maps.

Important Tips for Town Hall 5 Players Participating in Clan Wars

One thing is for sure, since you will be among the weakest opponent in war, you will get attacked at the earliest (mostly). And changes are that the attacker will be a higher level player. So, in order to perform well in clan wars right from the start at Town Hall 5, you need to follow some of the basic tips that I learned with experience and you will see that your performance improves dramatically. Below are some tips for fresh TH5 players who get included in clan wars for the first time:

  • Try to join a level 5 or higher clan (if possible).
  • Always include a level 4 valkarie or 2 level 6 wizards in your clan castle for best results.
  • Make friends with the higest level players in your clan so that it is not difficult for you to get those high level troops in war clan castle.
  • Ask expereinced players in your clan as to whom you should attack and what troop combination you should use.
  • Go with a full army and full spells when attacking in clan wars. Also include highest level wizards or balloons in your clan castle.

Importance of War Base Layout at Town Hall 5

For attacking, you need best clan support troops. But for defense, you will need both high level defense troops in your clan castle and the best available designs (war base design). Specially when you are defending against level 5 or level level 6 town hall attackers. It is not always true that your base may get 3 starred.

I have seen many town hall 5 war bases that defend well against town hall 5 and town hall 6 attackers and give away 1-2 stars only. While this happens, A higher level player from the opposite clan will need to waste his/her attack on you to gain the remaining stars. This will help your clan in general in winning wars.

Salient features of a Good TH5 war base

While when farming you are concerned about protecting the available loot in the storages, when it comes to war bases, the available loot is not deducted from your loot. So, you will not be bothered with loot at all and would like to spread out your storages so that the attacker is delayed in progress and may or may not reach the town hall at all. Thus it is very important to have an evenly spread out war base layout that will delay the progress of attacking troops. Moreover, if the attacker wastes both time and troops in clearing out the exterior of the base, the clan castle troops and other defense buildings get a better change to take out the remaining troops or delay the remaining troops for long enough to both save the town hall and save an additional star as well (the 100% destruction star). Thus you will notice that many a times your base will only give away 1 star! which is excellent in terms of a town hall 5 player who may be located right at the bottom of the war map.

Make them TH5 attackers Run out of Time Everytime

Spreading out the base over the complete available space will make the attackers run out of time every time. Thus you will enjoy saving 1 – 2 stars in each attack. And it goes without saying that someone else (possibly a higher town hall player) will need to attack your base again in order to gain the remaining stars. What it means for your clan: your clan gets a better chance to win the war and you get appreciation of your clan mates.

Below are 10 best handpicked town hall 5 War Layouts

For all my friends who have low level walls and did not get the time or the resources in order to update them, You are always more vulnerable as compared to maxed out walls at town hall 5. So, the next best alternate for you in clan wars which provides best protection is to spread out your base as much as you can and to delay the attacking army use your lowest level walls on the outskirts (areas which are within the range of any kind of defense building.

Although there is a drawback to this kind of a layout being: you only get 1 wall layer protection. But, you are over compensated with the gift of maximum delay to the attacking army using your lowest level walls. Thus this strategy works almost all the times. Below are 4 base designs that you can use if your walls are not well developed and once they are well developed, change your base and check out the remaining 6 TH5 designs below which are specially made for Town Hall 5 players with maxed or near maxed walls.

Town Hall 5 War Layout 1

Town Hall 5 war base layout - weaker walls - best defense base designs

In the above layout, a portion of the walls provide movement cover to areas which are under the influence of defense buildings and thus while the attacking army troops traverse through those areas, they get targeted by the defense buildings even before they actually reach and start attacking buildings. This helps delay them and even eliminate many troops out of the equation.

This layout will on one side delay the attacking army (costing the attacker time) and on the other side, will eliminate some of the troops even before they reach many of the buildings to start inflicting damage to them. The above design has been tested and works very well against like level town hall attackers. For best results, ensure to include highest level wizards and some high level archers in your war clan castle.

Town Hall 5 War Layout 2

Town Hall 5 War Base Design Layout Number 2In the above layout, not only do you place the town hall close to the center of the layout, you also position the clan castle closer to the central part of the layout and close to the town hall as well. The two splash damage buildings namely: the mortar and the wizard tower are also close to the central part of the layout and provide cover to the town hall. Any troops that get deployed will need to traverse the entire area to reach the town hall. It’s the best layout for you if you have lowest level walls. The walls herein are not used together. They are positioned singly to fill the gaps so that troops can only be deployed at the edges and they have go all the way (unprotected) and can get attacked by all surrounding defense buildings.

The defense buildings on the other hand (both the archer towers and the cannons) provide a circled first line of defense to the base. If the attacker is using troops like goblins, archers, barbarians, giants, wizards etc., then they will need to cover a long distance and will need to clear many other buildings before they can reach the town hall (which is usually the primary target building in clan wars). Although the walls don’t cluster and the attacking troops don’t need to break walls, surprisingly enough, they get destroyed so easily before reaching the town hall. What more, any additional troops that can be deployed also will need to traverse the entire course. This kind of a base design delays the progress of the troops and provides the much required time for your defense buildings to take them out before they can destroy the defense buildings. This layout many a times will not give away the so common 1 star !! Try it and see it for yourself.

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