Third Sneak Peek – Winter December 2014 (Christmas) Update – COC

Sneak Peek Number 3 – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update COC

Christmas 2014 - Winter Update - Sneak Peek Number 31. Live attack view while loading the village (if you are being attacked)

Currently when your village is under attack, you are given a countdown background which reverse countdowns till either the attack is over or, till the reverse countdown time is over depending on how much time the base is under attack.

Well, now that will be history, now, you will be able o see the attack live as it is happening! So, if you join the game in between the attack, you will se the attack live from that point on in time. You can of course replay the attack to see the entire attack from your Defense Log later.

2. 2x Arrow throwing speed of Archer Towers but half the damage.

2 times faster arrow throwing speed but halved damage per arrow. Does this make a big difference? Not too much of a difference for low level archer towers. However, if for example a TH9 with level 10 archer towers is being attacked by level 5 archers (may be a TH8 attacker), this may make some difference as the level 10 archer tower may be able to take out each archer with just one arrow i.e., half the damage.

Same goes for level 11, level 12 and level 13 archer towers. So what it means is, BArch attacks may fail on higher level archer towers villages. I am not sure about other troop combinations and how they will get impacted by this change, however, one thing is clear, looting will become difficult with Goblins (as goblins have health and HP which is on the lower side).

At higher level Town Halls, it is time to change your loot attack troop combination. A good idea is to include some Wizards or some Giants  in your loot troop combination as they have higher HP and they should not get impacted in any way with this change.

3. Inferno towers will fire longer before being depleted of Dark Elixir

So if your base gets defended in first attack, there will always be enough fire power(Dark Elixir) left in the inferno towers to ensure defense against a second attack before the inferno tower goes dry. This also means that for each attack your base defends, you end up spending lesser Dark Elixir than what you are currently spending.

The savings in terms of the Dark Elixir saved will not be that substantial, however the capability to defend at least 2 full attacks before your Inferno Towers go dry is most definitely a good change.

Hope you like this Sneak Peek Number 3 for Christmas (December 2014) Clash of Clans Update. Do keep tuned in for more sneak peeks on the Winter 2014 update. Many more features to follow so keep cliff hanging for the next sneak peek soon.

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Happy Clashing!

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