The New Troops Training Button & Module – July 2015 Update

Introduction of the new train troops button


The New “Train The Troops Button”

Yesterday, Supercell came up with the first Sneak Peek on their July 2015 update which has many new feature changes and probably even a new level 7 dark barrack and a new dark elixir troop. Among the various changes that are to take place in the July 2015 Update is the introduction of a new train the troops button. Now, you don’t need to hunt for each of your barracks. All you need to do is to click on this new “Spell Bowl and Sword” button which is located at the bottom left corner of your screen right above the “Attack” button.

What this button does is that it opens up all your barracks including your dark barracks in a new pop up window. Here you can choose each of your barrack and train troops on the same screen without leaving it and even if you want to switch barracks, that is also possible from within the same window. Have a look at the new train the troops all in one window that opens up when you click on the spell sward button below:

Clash of Clans - June 2015 Update - The new Troops Training Button and Module

The new Troops Training Window

As is evident from the above image, you can easily switch between your normal barracks and even your dark elixir barracks and also the spell factory. So, now, everything you need to do with troops training is under one window and all the troop training and spell training can be done easily without searching for each barrack and opening and closing them. What an amazing idea and why was this not implemented sooner?

It’s quite a needed and amazing improvement which will both reduce the time you used to waste on training troops and will give you more time to find opponents in attacks. Also, this improvement will help improve the overall gaming experience of the game.

What do you thing about this new Feature Change in Clash of Clans?

Do post your comments and what you think about this new button and how will be benefiting from this change in features that will take effect when the Clash of Clans July 2015 Update. The update is to take effect on 28th or 29th of July 2015 and many more features and changes are to take place. So, keep tuned in for more my special articles on the July 2015 update as the sneak peeks are unveiled. Cheers and happy clashing!

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