The 1 Gem Boost is Back – December 2014 Update

The 1 Gem Boost is Back for Christmas and hopefully will last till New Years!


All of Us were Expecting the 1 Gem Boost

All my clan mates and my blog visitors were demanding the comeback of the one gem boost this Christmas. Although nothing came in the Christmas 2014 update, due to huge demand by all players and so many overwhelming posts on facebook and twitter all requesting to bring back the 1 Gem boost for the festive season.

Supercell Has Reciprocated Well

Supercell has reciprocated well and have brought back the one gem boost today. Actually just about 2 hours back, the update has taken place and now all of us can take full use of the 1 gem boost to: Boost Elixir Collectors, Barracks, Heroes & Spell Factory for one gem each! (this is what the Facebook page of Clash of Clans says) if this 1 gem boost also applies to Gold Mines is yet to see.

Does it Apply to Gold Collectors as well?

I am pretty sure that it also applies to Gold Mines. So, this is a double present to all the people around who will be playing the game on or around Christmas as the 1 gem boost ensures both more resource collection in your village and more loot availability.

Who will be benefiting from the 1 Gem Boost Most?

Obviously if you can continue playing the game well through Christmas and New Years, you will benefit most. As you can take advantage of both faster resource collection and faster looting and more resources while looting from others.

For those who will be away this Christmas to spend some quality time with their family, when they are back, they will be equally rewarded. When they will be back they will be surprised to see most of their elixir and gold collectors are full (only if they can boost the collectors before leaving the game). Also, hopefully this 1 gem boost is going to last till 2nd January 2015 (up till the completion of the festive season) so that everyone can take full advantage of this glut in order to use the resources well to upgrade all their costly buildings.

Cheers and happy Clashing! Wishing all my blog readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You may post your comments in the comments section below.

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