TH9 War Base Layout 3 – Deceiving Design

The purpose of a deceiving design is to lure an attacker into attacking and getting shocked with perfect placement of invisible weaponry and traps to inflict maximum damages. The entire defense building layout is such that there is no way an attacker will perceive their presence. This creates the much needed impact and shock which further gravitates the attacker in making fundamental mistakes and spur of the moment wrong moves.


This being said, this deceptive Town Hall 9 War base design is perfect for not only saving 2 stars but also helps waste an opponent clan’s attacks (as more than 20 attacks happen in a full 50-50 clan war. Thus by adopting this war base design you will instantly become a clan hero and get praised by your clan’s leader and co-leaders alike.

Very soon I will be revealing a new series of fraudulent layout and war base designs for Town Hall 9’s that can be used to surprise and shock the attackers. For now this deceptive design will in perpetuity help you and your clan win wars.

Best use of Invisible Weapons:

Some of the invisible buildings and traps that are available and have been under utilized by everyone include the following:

  • Tesla Towers
  • Skeleton Traps
  • Air Bombs
  • Air Mines
  • Bombs
  • Giant Bombs
  • Clan Castle Troops (to some extent)

Although the above are some of the invisible weapons that one has in his/her arsenal, there is a way you can combine these with the general defense buildings and towers in order to fortify and strengthen the defenses well. There are ways in which you can lure your attacker to not only choose which side they will attack from, but also, in what way they will deploy their troops and how your traps will counter and quickly destroy those troops before they can achieve what they have been deployed for.

So, without any delay, I am producing herewith the Deceiving Town Hall 9 War Base Design:

Walls Placement:

A wall structure that ensures 3 layers of level 9 walls to protect from all sides. Even if you only have level 8 walls, still the design will work well for you. The key is to ensure that the opponent needs to break 3 wall layer protection to reach the town hall. Contrary to my other town hall 9 war base designs, this design utilizes the walls to their best potential (as this layout covers almost the entire available space of the village).

Buildings Placement:

Buildings placement and in particular defensive buildings placement is a key to any effective war base design. More important than placing the key defense buildings, another aspect of buildings placement is to integrate the non-attack buildings properly to help them absorb the damage while your defense buildings are busy taking out an attackers’ army. I have ensured that this design includes both best placement of defense buildings and even better placement of storage and collection buildings to absorb the damage from attacking troops.

The Complete Layout with Traps:

So, here it is, the base design that you were waiting for a deceptive Town Hall 9 war base design which protects well against all kinds of attacks. I will be shortly posting videos of the defense and attacks on this base layout, however for now find below the design.

A Deceptive TH9 War Base Design

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