TH9 War Base Layout 2 Clash of Clans

TH9 War Base 2 - Anti Dragon - Hog - Golem

TH9 War Base 2 – Anti Dragon – Hog – Golem


An Anti Dragon / Hog / Golem / Giant TH9 War Base

It took me around a week to look through TH9 bases to find the best COC TH9 4 mortars war base that will defend equally well when attacked with dragons, hogs and golem armies. After I found over 10 likely bases which I shortlisted to find a base that actually defends well against dragon / hog / golem / giant and combination attacks. All though 2014 I have been posting base designs that have been helpful in wars. Now, in 2015 I want to present to you a warbase layout that will help your clan win clan wars by way of giving away fewest stars in clash of clan wars.

A Top TH9 War Base Design for GOWIWI!

TH9 War Base 2 - Walls

Best Wall layout for an anti golem / giant / hog and Dragon base design at TH9 in Clash of Clans Clan Wars

Up until now, one of the most frequent army attack troop combination the GIWIWI (3 Golems, 20 Wizards & 2 Witches) basic troop combination was a lethal combination that almost always gave away a minimum of 2 stars in clanwar. The max a TH9’s defenses could do is to protect the damage to 2 stars. One of the main reasons, the GOWIWI was so effective is that the Golems drew attention and damage from all defense buildings giving way for the wizards, Witches, Barbarian King and the Archer Queen to penetrate into the heart of the base.

4 Wall Protection on all 4 Corners

In the above design, notice the wall setup. All 4 corners of the TH9 war base have 4 layer walls! And where they don’t have 4 layer walls, notice how the defense buildings are kept on the outer part of the base (outside of the 3 walls). Even if the attacker uses 10 wall breakers, they will not be able to penetrate into the 2nd layer of walls forget getting into the final (central) layer. I have not seen this base 2 starred at all. Even TH10 attackers can’t 2 star this base design with level 5 golems / level 5 hogs / level 7 giants / level 4 dragons.

Perfect Placement of Defense Buildings for Max Protection

Any war base that does not have perfectly positioned defense buildings will never be effective in protecting stars in clan wars. As is in clan wars and in general, you may get attacked from any one or more sides (it all depends on the attackers preferences). So, one of the key feature of any good clan war base is to have an equitable distribution of both ground and air defense buildings to evenly cover the entire base. In this TH9 War Base, the defense buildings provide an almost equal defense protection to the entire base on all sides.

TH9 War Base 2 – 4 Mortars Placement

In addition to that, All 4 mortars provide splash damage protection to the town hall on the inside and other defenses, storages and resource collectors and other buildings on the outside. As a matter of fact the town hall is provided a mortar cover from all the 4 mortars.

TH9 War Base 2 – 2 X-Bows Placement

Closely positioned x-bows. Notice the x-bows, they are close to the town hall and provide a cover to almost 90% of all buildings in the layout. Further one x-bow is set to ground only troops and another is set to ground and air troops. This helps provide extra protection to the base from air attacks armies.

Th9 War Base 2 – Traps Placement

Evenly spread out traps placement of the air bombs, air mines, skeleton traps, bombs, giant bombs and spring traps. All traps are positioned in a way that they will get activated at each level as the attack army progresses, thus rendering the attacking army weaker and weaker as they try to approach and reach the town hall. If not the best, this is one of the near best placement and utilization of traps in any TH9 war base.

Impeccable Placement of the 4 Tesla Towers (TH9 War Base)

Be it the P.E.K.K.A or the barbarian king and archer queen or all 3 together, Notice how the 4 Tesla towers are positioned to help protect each other and the town hall. This kind of a defense is very difficult to break and that’s the reason this TH9 war base is arguably the best TH9 war base design. In-spite of high level rage and heal spells that high level attackers use in clan wars, this layout design helps ensure that by the time the attacker reaches the center of the base, they will have exhausted their spells. Thus, 9 out of 10 times, the troops who are able to reach the central part of the base perish before they can destroy the town hall. I will not be surprised to see this war base design turn out to be the best TH9 war base of 2015.

Try out This TH9 War Base in One Clan War Only!

Still not convinced this base will work for you? What I am asking you is to just try out this TH9 Clan War Base in one Clan War. If it does not live up to your expectations, you can change easily (as with the new layout editor, base designs can be stored and switches between by just clicking a button). So, what is stopping you? Try out this th9 war base in your next clan war and do post your experience in the comments section below. Cheers and Happy Clashing!

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