TH9 War Base Design Layout 1

Town Hall 9 Clan War Base Design Layout 1 - Anti Golem

TH9 War Base Design Layout


An Anti Golem TH9 Clan War Layout

This war base design is selected due to it’s primary defense against Golem and Golem combination attacks. This layout performs particularly well in clan wars and protects valuable war stars from attackers. It is not easy to 2 star this war base be it a GoWiWi, GoWiPe, or a simple Golem cum wizards attack. Therefore, this design is a perfect anti golem TH9 clan war layout.

The Wall Layers to defend against Golems

Multiple 3 layer wall defense with dissecting wall dividers in perfect tandem with the defense buildings helps delay the entry of the Golems in particular into the inner sections of the base. Many a times, the Golems cannot reach the  X-bows which are positioned closest to the town hall. They either perish or get deviated to the outside part of the base helping ensure protection of the second or the third star in clan wars. The same wall layout can also be used to create a town hall 10 (TH10) wall layout for an anti Golem base design.

Perfect Placement of Splash Damage Buildings

Splash damage buildings are known to take out supporting troops well if they are perfectly positioned and provide support to each other. In this TH9 War Base Design Layout, Wizard Towers, Mortars and X-bows are perfectly placed to help support each other and are included within the second and third (final) layer of walls to help delay their destruction while they provide support and cover to the cannons and archer towers while they are under attack.

Strategic Positioning of the Heroes

Both the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King are neither too close to the town hall nor are they away from the town hall. Moreover they are such positioned that they provide cover to all key defense buildings. This is particularly helpful when the attacker uses rage spells to take out clusters of defense buildings. In such a case, both the archer queen and the barbarian king are helpful in eliminating any kind of troops.

Both The Heroes Support The Town Hall

Also notice that both the archer queen and the barbarian king are covering the town hall. This helps in cases an attacker’s troops have managed to reach the town hall. If the archer queen and the barbarian king are in good health by the time the enemy troops reach the town hall, 8 out of 10 times they will eliminate the attacking troops and save the town hall from being destroyed.

Evenly Distributed Archer Towers and Cannons

An even distribution of the archer towers and cannons within the first layer of wall defense helps slow down the progress of the attacking armies. Since the cannons and archer towers are under protection of splash damage buildings, a good portion of the attacking army is destroyed before they can penetrate into the second layer of walls. Considerable damage is also inflicted on the Golems and this forces the attacker to use either or both the heal spell and the rage spell which he would have otherwise used when the Golem and it’s supporting army would have been well within the second layer of walls.

Perfect Placement of Tesla Towers

In any clan war and specially for TH9 and higher base layouts, it is very important to use the Tesla Towers to inflict both damage to the attacking armies and surprise the attacker helping him make a mistake or two. Perfect and un-expected placement of Tesla Towers is the key in the success of a good anti-golem base design. The tesla towers in this base design are placed in order to provide both support and a surprise element which can help force the attacker into committing one or even more mistakes.

Impeccable Use of Traps and Bombs

Finally, the giant bombs in particular can inflict a good amount of damage early on to the Golems. This again helps in luring the attacker in using his spells early and help protect our central part of the base. While bombs and giant bombs are positioned where golems are expected to enter, care is taken that they do not engage the spring traps and hopefully other supporting troops engage them. More recently, Golems and Hog attacks and their combination attacks are becoming common. Perfect placement of spring traps helps take out a good share of Hogs from the equation all together. This is also equally true in the case of Golems cum Giants attack.

This TH9 War Base Design Layout is not Only Anti Golem

Apart from being an anti golem design, this TH9 war base is also particularly very effective against dragon and dragon combination attacks. It also defends well from attack of Giants and giant combinations. It also defends well from Hog and hog combination attacks. If you regularly get attacked with air troops, all you have to do is to ensure that you set your X-Bows to air mode and it becomes a perfect anti air clan war base as well. You may even choose to keep one X-Bow in ground and air mode while the other may be kept in ground mode only.

Town Hall 9 Clan War Base Design Layout 1 - Anti Golem

TH9 War Base Design Layout

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