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TH9 4 Mortars and Skeleton Traps Farming Base

Upon receiving requests for more TH9 farming base designs which include the 4th mortar well positioned within the base design, I have decided to include 1 TH9 farming base every week which will be well tested, analyzed and updated so that our blog visitors can benefit by copying the base design.

I will provide complete analysis of the base design. Will reason out positioning of key defenses, analyze how the base will defend against all kinds of troop combinations (specially the kind of troop combination that is used while farming in general).  So without further delay, below is TH9 farming base design of the week (which includes the 4th mortar and skeleton traps):

Isolated and Inviting Town Hall

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to isolate the town hall, make it as inviting and as isolated as possible. Positioning the town hall in a corner and surrounding it with decoration in other sides clearly indicates no positioning of any kind of defenses and traps, this is a clear invitation! Come destroy the town hall and take away the league loot bonus. This is particularly effective in Gold 1 plus leagues (where attackers are more interested in the league loot bonus). Being a town hall 9 I am presuming you are in Gold 1 plus league, if you are not, it is high time you climb up to Gold 1 plus league in order to enjoy better win bonuses and get better bases for farming.

In the image below, notice how I have isolated the town hall to a side, it could be any side of your choice, I particularly prefer left or bottom if the base. Also notice how I have placed decorations on the open side to clearly indicate that there are no defenses or any kind of traps that cover the town hall. A clear invite to destroy the town hall.
Isolate the town hall and make it inviting

Centralized Clan Castle, X-Bows & Heroes & DE Storage

In order to safeguard your farming base against loot, it is important to centrally locate the clan castle, x-bows, heroes and the DE storage so that attacking troops (no matter from which side they attack) find it most difficult to reach them.

Included 2 Elixir & 1 Gold Storage

In my design below, apart from positioning the above, I was able to include 2 elixir storages and 1 gold storage withing the confines of the final wall defenses (i.e., within the center area of the base design).  Surround this final layer of defense with the highest level walls available to you. It is highly unlikely that wall breakers will be able to reach this layer. Thus, Heros & other stronger attacking troops if they survive the first line of defenses will take maximum time to break-though the walls before looting the storages placed herein.

centralized clan castle, x-bows, DE Storage, Heros & other storages

Second layer of Storages, Defense Buildings & Traps

Now the most important thing that we need to do is create a second layer of storages surrounded by defensive buildings which will destroy the enemy troops while they try to loot the second layer of storages. In this case it is possible that you may lose some loot as most giant cum goblins or BArch attacks will be able to penetrate this layer from one side or the other depending in which side the attacker chose to attack from.

Use Wizard Towers & Mortars for Splash Damage

The storages included within the second layer should always be protected by wizard towers and Mortars as they create maximum splash damage to both BArch troops and goblins alike.  further, an even placement of archer towers and canons along with the suprise element of teslas will help destroy maximum troops before they can penetrate to the better half of the base to gain maximum loot. If positioned properly. Since this is a farming base and the purpose of the base is to protect against loot, positioning of all traps including spring traps, skeleton traps, giant bombs, bombs, air mines and air bombs all needed to be positioned herein to create maximum damage to attacking troops before the opponent chooses to use spells to either heal or rage it’s troops.

Create a second layer of storages and defenses.

Third and Final Outer Layer

Finally, we need a third and and final layer of buildings which will take the first hit from any attacking troops if they decide to go for loot and not an easy trophy from our base. Here it is important to note that 9 out of 10 attacks on your base will be for trophies which will provide with with an easy 12 hours shield without giving away any loot. It’s only the revenge attacks and when your storages are filled with maximum loot that people will tend to attack you to gain that loot.

Do not leave too much available loot

As a word of advise here, it is important not to leave too much loot. It’s always better to utilize the extra loot to upgrade your walls. However this is purely a matter of choice and sometimes if you are to go for higher upgrades, you need 6 million or even higher gold to do just one upgrade, in such a case, many a times you will have to leave the game with a lot of loot available to be looted form your base.

So finally after positioning the third layer of buildings, below is the TH9 Farming Base of the week (4 mortars) if you like the design, you are free to copy it in your farming base or even share it with your clan-mates.

TH9 Farming base of the week (4 mortars) Clash of Clans

Hope you like this base design, if you do, share it with your friends and clan mates and do post your experience with the base in the comments section below. Happy Clashing!

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