TH9 Farming Base Design Layout 1

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Anti Giants

TH9 Farming Base Design Layout


An Anti Giants TH9 Farming Layout

This farming base design is in limelight due to it’s good defense against Giants and Giant combination attacks. This layout protects the available loot well and defends the base when attacked in multi-player mode while farming. It’s not easy to loot the complete available loot from this base design when someone with high level giant combination troops attacks. They actually can only take away a small portion of the available loot. What is particularly important and defended well by this base layout is the Dark Elixir.

Three Wall Layers to Slow Down The Giants

Multiple layer wall defense and positioning of archer towers and cannons along with majority of the giant bombs and the spring traps helps eliminate and/or inflict good amount of initial damage to the giants. Further, equidistant Cannons and Archer towers help ensure that the giants go round the base as against entering the second layer of walls. By the time the Giants have taken a round of the complete base (even much before that) they will all either be thrown out of the game (by spring traps) or get eliminated due to heavy splash damage inflicted by the mortars, wizard towers and Tesla towers.

Perfect Placement of Splash Damage Buildings

Splash damage buildings can in combination and in coherence with each other take out even level 7 giants easily. In this TH9 farming base design layout, care is taken to evenly distribute the splash damage buildings providing splash damage cover to the entire base. 4 perfectly placed Mortars help ensure that irrespective of the side from which the enemy attacks, as soon as the Giants are deployed, the mortars start working and inflicting damage. Further, notice the placement of the wizard towers in the second layer of buildings, it ensures that they not only support the adjacent resource storages but also the archer towers and cannons which are located in the outer third layer of defense buildings.

Placement of Air Defense Towers to Take Out Healers

Also notice the placement of the air defense towers in all 4 directions, this helps ensure that if the giant troop army is a giant cum healer army, then, the air defense will immediately come in action and will eliminate the health support for the giants at the earliest. Further, both the X-Bows are set to ground mode to ensure that they have the maximum range available and cover the entire base. They will start inflicting damage to the giants from the moment they break through the first layer of walls from any side. The hidden teslas are positioned in the second layer of defense buildings to again ensure that the giants are taken out before they can actually break the second layer of walls and get headway entry towards the center of the base where the resource storages and the dark elixir storage is place.

Strategic Positioning of the Heroes

Both the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen are centrally positioned to guard the dark elixir in the center. Further, due to their range, on the outer side they provide protection to almost all the resource storages. The barbarian king covers the top and center part of the base containing resource storages, while the archer queen controls the center and the bottom part of the base.

Both The Heroes Guard The Dark Elixir Storage

Notice why both the heroes are centrally located? The base is designed to provide protection to dark elixir storage (so that dark elixir is the most difficult thing that can be looted). Even with high level rage and heal spells, it is quite difficult for someone to easily take away the valuable dark elixir which you have collected with investing your time in raiding.

Impeccable Use of Traps and Bombs

Finally, both the giant bombs and the spring traps are your best friend while trying to make any base anti-giants. Most important are the spring traps. They eliminate and remove the troops out of the equation. Thus it is important to position them well so that they only remove the giants and are not wasted in removing less important troops (like the archers or the barbarians).

Placement of Spring Traps is Crucial

See how the spring traps are well positioned between the defenses to ensure that they will eliminate the Giants (actually they are such positioned that they will eliminate the Giants much before they may take out 4-5 defense buildings). With whatever Giants that may remain, the giant bombs will do their part and inflict maximum damage to the Giants forcing the attacker to use both or either of the heal spell and the rage spells that he may be carrying. Premature use of the spells helps ensure that the attacker will not be able to penetrate into the third and final layer of walls.

This TH9 Farming Base Design Layout is not Only Anti Giants

Apart from it being an anti giants layout, this TH9 farming base also holds good against the BArMi and BArch army attacks. Outside positioning of the archer towers and the cannons helps ensure it to be an anti BArch base. According to an estimate around 50% of all farming armies used in clash of clans is the BArch( Barbarians and Archers) or BArMi( Barbarians, Archers and Minions) army combinations. Notice the somewhat outside positioning of the air bombs, this is specially done so that cheap BArMi attacker may not be able to take away too much loot.

A Completely Isolated Town Hall

Finally, the town hall is completely isolated and this is purposely done so that trophy pushes may destroy the town hall before looters attack the base. Around 50% of all attacks are trophy climbing attacks and such trophy pushers are not interested in wasting a full army to gain loot. They are more or less satisfied with the trophies they get by destroying the town hall and the multiplayer win bonus. So, they destroy the town hall and move on to find other isolated and easy bases where they can do the same. For us this is good news, because, when the base gets attacked by a trophy pusher, the village gets a 12 hours shield giving away minimum loot possible.

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Anti Giants

TH9 Farming Base Design Layout

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