TH9 Farming Base (4 Mortars) Anti Giants

Owing to the introduction of the level 7 Giants in the December 2014 update, more and more TH9 and TH10 farming base(s) will be attacked with a combination of level 7 Giants and level 4 healers along with high level Wizards. How one can protect loot against this kind of an attack which is capable of destroying poorly developed and designed layouts easily?


It is equally important to:

  • Have the best upgrade strategy, upgrade wizard towers and x-bows asap…  and
  • The best and well defended farming base designs
  • Keep highest level defense troops in your clan castle (preferably level 6 wizards and level 7 Archers)

In order to protect the scantily available loot which has become so precious.

I will be shortly writing an article with the most up-to-date defense buildings upgrade order and strategy for TH9s in order to protect the base well against level 7 Giant Attacks. However, so far as this article goes, I am providing all my TH9 friends playing Clash of Clans with Best and Latest TH9 Farming Layout which will defend your available loot well against attacks from level 6 and level 7 Giants. These base designs (layouts) are the most up-to-date layouts which include both the 4th mortar and the Skeleton Traps.

Now that we have a new base editor which allows us to save up-to three base designs both for farming and for clan wars, It’s very convenient for us to copy a base design and save it and keep for use or switching at a later date. Soon, all TH10 players will have upgraded their Giants to level 7 and that is when we will require best anti Giants base designs to protect our available loot.

Against all odds, and contrary to my other base design articles, this article is only for addressing the level 7 giants problem and all ten farming base designs are specifically made to ensure best protection against giant and giant combination attacks as a primary objective. Although the base designs will perform average or even sometimes above average against other attack troop combinations, they are designed to performing exceedingly well against Giants.

Anti Giants TH9 Farming Base Design

Giants have always been the preferred looting attack army troops. Owing to the low production time and comparatively lower cost of production, the Giants are the most preferred troops to attack defensive buildings and soak up the damage while Goblins, Barbarians, Archers or a combination of the three are used to gain resources. Particularly from the resource storages. Ensuring early removal of the Giants or majority of the Giants helps prevent quick elimination of the defense buildings thus helping destroy a good portion of the loot gaining troops. TH10 players are always on the look out for high loot available TH9 farming base where they can gain loot in order to help keep fulfilling their resource requirements.

The Below design has 10 salient features:

An Isolated and Unprotected Town Hall

Since the objective of this TH9 farming base design is to protect loot and not trophy protection, we are more than willing to give away some trophies in exchange of a full fledged attack from an enemy who may otherwise take away the available loot. Here the attacker has to decide if he will go for the loot and waste time in preparing troops again (high level troops cooking takes around 1-2 Hours) or just target the Town Hall, take the 1 star, the trophies, the league win bonus and move on. What we get is a precious 12 hours shield at almost no cost of resources.

At this point, I would strongly recommend you to be in Crystal III or higher league where majority attackers are looking for trophy push and are more than willing to take away the trophies and move on.

An Isolated TH9 in order to avoid being looted of resources

Three levels of walls in parts of the base we do not want the enemy to attack

For obvious reasons, we do not want the enemy to attack from sides where the spring traps and the giant bombs are not located. Since, both the Giant Bombs and the Spring Traps are the ones which can inflict maximum damage to the Giants, we want the enemy to start an attack from our strongest side. In this case, the 2 strongest sides of the base are the left side and the right side, where there is only 2 wall layer protection.

You will be surprised to see that most attackers will actually start their attack from the right side of the base, destroy the town hall and then proceed from that direction. Only around 30% of attackers will start an attack from any other side. Chances are, that, this 30% may start the attack from the left side of the base.

3 Wall layer protection in the areas where we do not want attackers to attack from.

Double Spring Traps immediately after the Cannons on left and right side of the base

While doing a Giants attack, it’s a psychological thing to start the attack by deploying giants where the cannons are. So, it is but logical for us to position the Spring traps exactly where the giants will group up after destroying the first cannon and approach the Mortar. If things go our way, we can expect to take out up-to 6 Giants in one go! This is a big blow! A normal Giants attack army unit comprises of around 12-16 Giants, thus, almost 50% of Giants will be gone.

The remaining Giants will be in no position to wipe out the defenses. Thus our defenses will get an upper hand and it will be easier for them to wipe out the remaining Giants easily. At this point on even if the attacker uses rage and heal spells, their Giants will not survive for long owing to dramatic reduction in their numbers. Another couple of giants (if they can survive the first set of spring traps and attacks from our defense buildings will get wiped out by the third spring trap placed in between the Archer tower and the Wizard Tower in the top left and top right section of the base design.

Strategic positioning of spring traps to inflict maximum damage to the Giants

Two Closely positioned Giant Bombs on both the left and right side of the base

If you have noticed how the Giants move, and are familiar with how they choose their next attack target after destroying the one they were attacking, you know that they go for the closest defense buildings first. If there are more than one closest defense buildings, the Giants split up in equal groups and go in different directions.

So, Once the giants have taken out the first Cannon, they will be faced with 2 spring traps, the ones which survive the spring traps will then go forward to take out the Mortar. However, once they are successful in taking out the mortar, remaining Giants will split into 2 units trying to target the 2 Archer Towers next.

This is when they will be faced with the 2 Giant Bombs in our TH9 farming base. Although, giant bombs are not known to take out high level Giants (specially level 6 and level 7), for a halved unit which is under constant attack by the X-bow and other defenses, changes are that they must have lost a lot of hit points (or life) and will get further damaged or even eradicated by them. At this point they will also be under attack by the high level Tesla towers and will be in the range of the Mortars (notice the top mortar and bottom mortar). Will they survive further? or will they get fried?

2 Closely Positioned Giant Bombs on both the left and right side of the TH9 Anti Giants Farming Base

Four evenly positioned mortars to cover the entire base.

The figure below shows the range of all the 4 mortars combined (highlighted by the circles in the TH9 farming base design). The entire base receives at-least a one mortar protection. There are parts of the base which receive 2 mortar protection. Wizard towers are intentionally positioned within this double mortar protection range. Then, there is an area of the base design which receives all 4 mortar protection. Purposely, it is the center of the base and the Dark Elixir storage has purposely been positioned there in order to ensure best protection to it.

4 Evenly positioned mortars to cover the entire base - TH9 - Anti Giants Farming Base Design

Joint positioning of the Wizard Towers and Archer Towers

One single target defense building being supported by another multiple target (splash damage) defense building. That too on all 4 sides of the base design. Jointly supported defense buildings provide the maximum defense. Here we have deliberately positioned both the archer tower and the wizard tower together. Both the Wizard Tower and Archer Tower attack ground and air units alike. Thus this positioning is done in order to ensure that the base is well defended against both the Giants attack and any kind of Air Attack.

Jointly positioned splash damage and single target defense buildings to maximize the damage potential.

Four Closely positioned Air Defenses providing air cover to almost all defense buildings

The air defenses have been tightly positioned together to protect the central part of the base. The air defenses provide cover to almost all defensive buildings and resource storages in the TH9 farming base design. Since, the dark elixir storage is positioned right in the center of the base, it has air defense cover by all 4 air defenses. This makes it almost impossible for any air attacker to loot dark elixir without first taking out the air defense towers. Further both the X-Bows are on ground and air mode. This provides further protection to the air defenses and also to the central part of the base and the defensive buildings.

Closely positioned air defenses in close proximity of each other to ensure protection against air attack units as well.

Evenly distributed resource storages in order to avoid loss of resources from one sided attacks

Great care is taken to ensure that even if an enemy is able to penetrate the base from one side, he or she may not be able to take away complete available loot. The Storages are evenly distributed around the base design to ensure only partial loss of resources. As per your resource availability, you may move the gold and elixir storages around to evenly distribute the resources in all 4 corners. A better way to evenly distribute storages will be to position one gold and one elixir storage together and not as how it is shown in the base design. Please do make this small correction when you design your base.

Evenly Distributed Resource Storages

Central Clan Castle to ensure maximum time is wasted to lure and kill the CC troops

Since the clan castle is positioned almost at the center of the base, the troops will take time to come out and it will take further time to lure those troops to a dark corner before the enemy can eliminate them. This helps waste the total time the enemy may have finally to initiate a looting run. As we all know that Giants are not one of the fastest attack troops, they have very low movement speed so, in many cases after the enemy has lured out the CC troops, they will have wasted much of the time available for them to complete their loot attack.

A centrally located clan castle

Here is the complete layout design with a link to the larger and more detailed image which will open in a new tab of you click on the below image. Go ahead and copy the layout into your farming base design if you regularly being attacked by giants. Also, if you have recently been attacked with level 7 giants, then this is the design for you!

Anti Giants TH9 Farming Design - December 2014 - COC

Finally, the Design and if you click on it, you can see a larger more detailed image in a new Tab

Use This Design to Protect Your Resources from Loot

You may use this above anti-giants TH9 farming base design to protect your base and its available loot from high level Giant attacks including level 7 giants. Although the base will protect well against high level Hogs as well. With minor modifications, you can use the base layout to include the town hall in the center and make it a trophy base or a clan war base. I leave this up to you. If you get frequently attacked with Giants / Hogs and Dragons, then, the modified war base will serve you well.

Test The Base Layout & Comment Below

As this is a brand new (fresh) TH9 anti giants farming base design which is not yet tested by me, you may deploy it and test the base yourself. If you do face any problems or have any modifications or suggestions to make in the layout design, please feel free to post such changes or modifications in the comments section below. Happy clashing!

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