TH8 Farming Base Design Layout 1

Town Hall 8 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Anti BArch, BArMi & BArGo

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout


An Anti BArch, BArMi & BArGo TH8 Farming Layout

Within and around the Gold III league (around 1490 – 1500 trophies), there is a sweet spot. Here you are able to find good loot and also get attacked by armies which include both town hall 8 attackers and TH9 attackers. Thus specially while farming within this trophy range, A TH8 farming base layout should primarily defend well from Barch (Barbarian and Archers), BArGo (Barbarians, Archers and Goblins) & BArMi (Barbarians, Archers and Minions) troop combinations. This TH8 farming base layout work well in protecting resources from all these 3 army combinations.

A Centralized Semi Un-lurable Clan Castle

It is very important to ensure that the clan castle is positioned just right. The clan castle troops should not be lurable by using a few barbarians. In most cases, the clan castle troops should only come out when the attacker has deployed a good portion of his army. Thus they can inflict a good amount of damage to them (provided the attacker is not carrying a lightening spell). Even if the attacker uses a lightening spell, he or she is already under considerable pressure of gaining loot from the base as even a level 4 lightening spell costs 20,000 elixir.

Semi 3 Wall Layers Defense

More than 70% of all full fledged attacks on this layout happen from the dark elixir storage side. Most of the attackers are interested in trying to loot the available dark elixir in the dark elixir storage before anything else. If you pay attention and notice, this DE storage side is protected with 3 wall payers. Also, almost all important sotrages and defense buildings are also provided a 2-3 wall layer protection to delay the attacking armies (specially the BArch, BArMi & BArGo armies).

4 Perfectly Placed Mortars

Town Hall 8 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Perfect 4 Mortar Placement

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout – 4 Mortars Placement

Notice the 4 mortars and their placement. They are perfectly positioned to provide full support to each other. Also, they provide splash damage cover to all resource storages. In many cases, the resource storages get double mortar cover as well. This is purposely done to ensure that groups of clustered barbarians, archers and goblins are easily taken out before they can loot the resources from the storages.

All 4 Mortars Supported by Wizard Towers

All 4 mortars are supported with adjacent placement of Wizard towers. since mortars have a no kill zone. Wherein if the barbarians reach, the particular mortar is defenseless. It becomes extremely important to ensure that in such cases, there is splash damage support of some kind that helps take out the group of attackers before they can destroy the mortar in question. This farming base layout is one of the few base layouts which perfectly utilizes the wizard tower and it’s potential.

Well Guarded & Centrally Located DE Storage

Protecting dark elixir (specially when you have more than half the DE Storage levels) is one of the crucial objective of any well designed farming base layout. If, the attackers are always able to take away the available dark elixir loot from your base, then, there is no point in using such a layout specially for farming. Keeping this in mind, care has been taken while designing the layout that considerable protection is provided to the dark elixir storage so that attackers find it very difficult to loot it. Notice how the Giant bombs are positioned to ensure early elimination of troops when the attacker chooses to attack from the DE storage side. Also, the dark elixir storage receives splash damage protection from all 4 mortars and 2 strategically positioned wizard towers.

Air Defense Cover to DE Storage

There is also an air cover provided, strategic positioning of the air defense (just adjacent to the DE storage) and the positioning of the air bombs on the outer DE side of the base layout helps ensure that Minions get taken out quickly much before they can penetrate into the central part of the base.

Centrally Located Barbarin King

You must have noticed that a very few base designs and layouts actually utilize the capacity of the Barbarian King. However, in the case of this base design, the barbarian king provides support to both: key defense buildings and more importantly; to 70% of the available loot in the resource storages. Although, the barbarian king is not very effective against BArch, BArMi and BArGo attacks (mainly due to the nature of the king’s attacking only one troop at a time). The Barbarian King helps work more as a damage absorbing unit and this helps delay the attacking army. The attacking army troops get engaged with the Barbarian King, trying to take him out, while our defense buildings quickly take the attacking army out.

An Isolated Town Hall

Town Hall 8 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Isolated Town Hall Placement

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout – Town Hall Placement

As is customary in all good farming base designs, an Isolated town hall helps reduce the number of full fledged attacks on the base and helps get easy 12 hours shield many times irrespective of the trophy range you are in, it is always a good idea to have an isolated town hall as a key feature of all your farming base layouts.

Outer Placement of Traps & Teslas

Specially in case of this TH8 Farming Base Design Layout, the giant bombs, air bombs, the spring traps and the Skeleton traps are all purposely positioned on the outer side of the base design. The main reason and purpose of dong this is to help ensure early take out of a lion’s share of the attacking army (before they can penetrate into the central part of the base). Outward placement of skeleton traps helps distract and engage the barbarians and archers in particular while our outer defense buildings can take them out.

This TH8 Farming Base Design Layout is not Only Anti BArch / BArMi

Although this TH8 farming base design layout is particularly designed to protect loot from various barbarian, archer and goblin attack armies and combinations, it does protect well against Giant attacks and Dragon attacks. Due the the spread out positioning of the gold storage and the elixir storage, this base will not give away total available loot. Even in cases of well planned Giant attacks and Dragon Attacks, the attacker will only have to satisfy with a portion of the total available loot.

Town Hall 8 Farming Base Design Layout 1 - Zoomed In

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout 1 – Closer Look

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