TH7 Farming Base Design Layout 1

Town Hall 7 Farming Base Design Layout 1

TH7 Farming Base Design Layout


This TH7 Farming Base Layout is Anti Giants

With the primary intention of protecting the resources from being completely looted by a perfect level 4 giants attack or by a poorly orchestrate level 5 giants attacks, Please don’t expect this layout to hold good against level 6 or level 7 giant attacks. It may even give way to a well planned and executed level 5 giants attack. The main purpose of a TH7 anti giants farming base design is to protect well the available loot from level 4 and level 5 giant attacks only.

Two Wall Layer Protection to Resource Storages

As is evident from the design, all resource storages are provided with a double wall layer protection. This is intentionally done to ensure either elimination of attacking troops before they can reach the storages or maximizing the time taken for them to reach the storages. In general such a protection also protects resources from BArch (Barbarians and Archers) attack armies and also  from BArMi (Barbarians, Archers & Minions) or BArGo (Barbarians, Archers and Goblins)  attack troop combinations.

Perfect Placement of Wizard Towers


TH7 Farming Base – A Closer look at the central part of the base design.

Notice the positioning of the wizard towers. Both the wizard towers are in close proximity of the gold and elixir storages. If the attack armies consists of mainly barbarians and archers, then, in most of the cases (for level 5 and below troops) the attacker will not be able to reach the resource storages from either side. This will help defend and protect a major part of the available loot. Further, notice how all the 3 mortars provide splash damage cover to both the wizard tower from the inside and how the cannons and archer towers provide protection to them from the exterior.

Central Positioning of CC and Splash Damage Buildings

Both the Clan Castle and the 3 Mortars are centrally positioned to provide a 4 fold cover to a good part of the base design. Further, all these four units also provide cover to the dark elixir storage which is positioned adjacent to them. It is going to be pretty difficult if not impossible for an attacker to loot dark elixir. And even if they are able to loot the dark elixir they will have exhausted a good portion of their army and will most definitely not be able to loot the other resources.

Air Defense Towers to take out Healers / Dragons Early

Although not many attackers use a full fledged dragon army to loot resources. It’s mainly due to the heavy elixir cost of such an army. The investment v/s return is not viable. Some attacker do use 2-3 dragons to gain access to the resource storages after their cheaper troops have taken out the outer buildings. In such a case, the air defenses come into action. Although, due to the relatively outer positioning of the air defenses, they may not be able to take out a full dragon army, they can easily take out one or 2 dragons.

Relatively Outside Positioning of The Air Defense Buildings

The main reason the air defenses are positioned relatively outside is to protect against a giants cum healer attack. Healers are known to provide health cover to giants and other troops. If they are not take out early, the damage in terms of loot lost is too much. Thus the primary objective of positioning the air defenses on the outer portion of the base is to take out the healers early thus providing our other defenses a good chance of taking out the other troops once the healers are out of the equation.

Air Defense Cover to All Defense Buildings and Storages

If you would have noticed, in this base design, the air defenses play a dual role. Apart from them working against the healer, they provide a complete air cover to all the other defense buildings which is quite handy in case of an army containing a good number of minions. With the increase in the availability of dark elixir due to the introduction of a dark elixir drill at TH7, the number of BArMi army combination attacks has increased. Thus it is not important to ensure that the base designs (specially the farming base design) now and in future help protect the available loot against them.

Barbarian King in Close Proximity of DE Storage

One of the main objective of this farming base design is to protect resources from being looted. Dark Elixir is the most expensive of the resources which is most difficult to accumulate and farm at TH7, thus it is natural that we need to provide maximum protection to the dark elixir storage so that at-least the dark elixir gets protected every time from being looted. Thus the barbarian king is positioned in close neighborhood of the DE storage.

Semi Isolated Town Hall


TH7 Farming Base – Semi Isolated Town Hall.

A Semi-Isolated town hall helps ensure that any attacker has to spend 10-15% of their troops to take out the town hall (especially when they try to take out the town hall first). This considerably reduces the available troops to the attacker for gaining the available loot. This makes a big difference in for example giving away full available loot as against only half available loot. Further, any semi-isolated or isolated town hall in 50% of all cases provides easy 12 hours shield by giving away minimum loot.

Well Separated Resource Storage Positioning

Many attackers use lightening spells to gain loot. This is mainly done to loot dark elixir from centrally located and otherwise unreachable DE Storages. If the resource storages are clustered together, the attacker can gain maximum available loot by using lightening spells. Thus it is imperative to position the resource storages in such a way that multiple resources cannot all be looted by using a lightening spell.

Archer towers air and ground defense on 4 Sides

Notice the positioning of the archer towers. Although they are positioned within the first layer of walls, they are positioned on all 4 sides of the base and are well protected by the Cannons (for protection against ground attack troops)  and air defense (for protection against air attack troops). This provides a balanced outer layer of protection to the base.

Perfect Positioning of the Traps

Perfectly positioned Giant Bombs, Normal Bombs, Air Bombs & the Spring Traps help in early elimination of the giants and healers. The main purpose of this TH7 farming base design layout is to provide protection against giant army combination attacks and thus the positioning of the traps is done to serve that purpose.

Other Troops it Defends Well Against

Although, primarily this farming base defends well from Giant, BArch, BArMi and BArGo army combinations, it also does pretty well against hog and balloons army combinations in protecting the available loot. Although the base may not hold good against high level hogs, Golems, Witches, Hounds & other higher level armies, that is not the purpose of this farming base design. As a matter of fact, no TH7 base design can hold good from higher level attack armies. Do try out this base design in your farming base and do provide your valuable comments and feedback in the comments section below.

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