TH10 War Base # 4 | An Unrelenting Layout




An unrelenting TH10 clan war base layout.

Why I call this TH10 War Base Unrelenting

If you are looking for a TH10 clan war base design that is simple yet unrelenting, look no further. The above layout simply works well because most attackers choose to start their attack from the bottom. As most of the attacks are ground troop attacks and 4 giant bombs are position to greet ground troops almost immediately at deployment. This helps enforce early use of spells (spoiling the attackers’ plans). The reason, I call this war base unrelenting is simply because of it’s effectiveness and results in clan wars.  Read further below, more features of this relentless layout to understand the logic behind the design and how effective it really is.

Features of This Unrelenting TH 10 War Base:

1. Exemplary placement of defense towers.

All defense buildings and towers are well positioned to help prevent early penetration of the attacking army into the final layer of walls. The main purpose of any war base design is to keep the attacking army and the attacker’s mind engaged with surprise. This layout has a surprise element right from the word go.

2. 90% coverage of the available base area.

A complete area cover layout is preferred anytime as against a cluttered and cramped layout. The logic is quite simple. The more area the attacking army has to cover to reach the central part of the base, the more chances for our defense buildings to destroy them. Thus special emphasis is given to ensure that the base covers a minimum of 90% of the available area so that attacking armies take a good amount of time to traverse through while our defense buildings and attack buildings get a good chance to destroy the attacking army.

3. Centrally laid out town hall and clan castle.

As is the case with most of my war base designs and is imperative for TH10s, this war base design also features a centrally located town hall and clan castle, making it difficult if not impossible for attacking armies to reach the town hall. Due to the perfect placement of clan castle, the clan castle troops will get activated at the right time to inflict maximum damage to the attacking armies.

4. Well positioned splash damage defense buildings.

Splash damage defense is crucial to eradicate herds of army troops. Be it herds of hogs, herds of wizards, herds of skeletons generated by the Witch, herds of minions or just herds of archers and barbarians. A substantial quantity or a herd of any kind if such troops can easily take out single target defense buildings, thus, it is imperative to provide splash damage protection to such single target defense buildings. In the above TH10 war base design, special emphasis is given to this and placement of splash damage buildings is just right.

5. 2 Adjacently placed X-Bows.

Ideally I do not like to place 2 x-bows adjacent to each other. The reason is simple, if a couple of Golems are deployed, they may absorb complete damage from the x-bows and make them vulnerable to attacks from wizards and Archer Queen in particular. However, in the case of the above design, we have purposely placed 2 x-bows together and want the attacker to deploy 2 or more Golems. Notice how much protection the 2 x-bows get from all other defense buildings! Even if the attacker deploys 3 golems in that direction along with rage spells, still he/she will only be able to take out the 2 x-Bows. However, while the X-Bows are being taken out, the attacker will lose a good share of their attacking army and will not be able to reach the town hall.

6. Archer Queen providing defense shield to the town hall.

Purposely, the Archer Queen is positioned to help provide a cover to both the x-bows and the town hall. In almost every attack on this base in clan wars, the Queen plays a crucial role and helps eliminate high HP troops that pose a threat to the town hall.


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