TH10 War Base #3 | A Resolute Layout

Striving to create a resolute TH10 War Base that will survive almost any kind of army combination attack, here is a base design which does exactly that. This resolute TH10 war base will almost always defend well in clan wars and give you that upper hand in wars. So, without further ado, incorporate this base design in your clan war base designs and surprise your clan mates!


TH10 War Base #3

A Resolute TH10 War Base!

Features of This Resolute TH 10 War Base:

Below, find some key features of the above resolute TH10 war base and understand why I call it a resolute base:

A Symmetrical Layout.

We try to find symmetry in all that we see around us. So, why should clan war base designs be different. If you are looking for an effective yet symmetrical TH10 war base design, this is the one for you. Notice the symmetrical placement of mortars, air defense towers and wizard towers. Also, notice the placement of X-Bows on 3 sides and the clan castle on the 4th side. In all, perfect symmetry is followed in positioning major and important defense buildings.

Evenly Distributed Defense Buildings.

Apart from being symmetrical in placement of major defense buildings, defense buildings are also almost perfectly and evenly distributed in order to provide defense cover to the base from all 4 sides. Sufficient wall cover (protection) is also provided to all key defense buildings. Although, sometimes, the base gets 2 starred in war with some troop combinations (especially with Golem combinations wherein 2 freeze spells are used), most of the time the base gets away with 1 or even 0 stars (in the case of air attacks).

Difficult to Lure Clan Castle Troops.

As against easily lurable and outside positioned clan castle, this TH10 war base design houses an almost centrally located clan castle making it difficult to lure out the clan castle troops. As a matter of fact, the clan castle is placed just adjacent to the town hall. Any attacker will find it difficult to lure the troops and will have to sacrifice some troops (2 Giants or 2 to 3 Hogs) just to take out the CC troops and then to lure them, another 3-4 barbarians or archers will be needed to take them into a corner before they can be destroyed. Doing all this takes time, thus if an attacker decides to lure out and destroy the CC troops beforehand, he / she will have to spend 30-40 valuable seconds before they can initiate their main attack.

Centrally located Air Bombs and Air Mines.

It is virtually impossible to 2 star this TH10 war base design with any kind of air attack troop combinations. An attacker may use Dragons, Balloons, Minions and Hounds in any combination, but the result will be only 1 star! Just ensure to set the X-Bows (at least 2 X-Bows) to both air and ground defense.

Closely Placed Inferno Towers.

No matter how well you design your TH10 war base, attackers have an uncanny ability to somehow reach the central part of the base (especially the town hall). Thus, it becomes very important to ensure that the town hall has extra protection. Notice in the above layout, both the Inferno Towers are placed just next to the town hall. Thus, even if the enemy army somehow reaches the central part of the base, they will most definitely be destroyed by the inferno towers. In some cases and in the case of a well co-ordinated and planned attack, however, the enemy may be able to destroy the town hall and gain 2 stars, however, those kind of attacks are very few and far between.

Evenly Spread out Giant Bombs, Bombs & Spring Traps.

For any war base to be effective, it is equally important to position well the traps as it is important to position the defense buildings. In our above TH10 war base, you will notice, that, the traps are used to optimize them for mostly any kind of Giants, Golem & combination attacks. We do not concentrate for Hogs as, after the September 2014 Clash of Clans update (wherein the skeleton traps were introduced), hog attacks are not viable anymore on TH10s.

Centrally Placed Archer Queen.

Finally, and most importantly, the Archer Queen is centrally placed. It would have been better to have a level 10 + Queen. In our base design, however the queen is only level 5. Though the level of the queen is low, it helps guard and secure the town hall in many attacks. If you have a high-level queen, then this Th10 base design will work wonders for you.

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