TH10 War Base #2 | An Enduring Layout

Are you on the lookout for an enduring TH10 War Base? We all love to win wars for your prestige and of course, the win also brings in a good amount of loot. So, it is but natural that we are always on the lookout for a war base design that is enduring and will hold out well against multiple army combinations attacks. Here is one such TH10 war base layout:


TH10 War Base #2

An Enduring TH10 War Base Layout.

Features of The Enduring TH 10 War Base:

Below are some features of the above TH 10 war base justifying my calling it an enduring TH10 war base:

1. A Centrally Placed TH10.

As is evident from the above layout, this TH10 war base has a centrally located town hall that is well guarded on all sides. There is a basic 2-3 wall layer protection to delay any attacking ground army. For air attack armies, notice the positioning of the air defenses and how they guard almost all other defense buildings on the outer side and the town hall in the interiors.

2. Closely positioned Inferno Towers.

Well developed and closely positioned (to the town hall) Inferno Towers is one of the salient features of this TH10 war base layout. If you have either level 2 or level 3 Inferno towers, it is highly recommended to adapt this layout in your clan war. The inferno towers are set at “Multiple Target” and are such positioned to provide defense to all 4 air defense buildings. Thus, this enduring TH10 war base will almost always defend well against all kinds of air attack army combinations.

3. Wizard Tower Protection to Most Defense Buildings.

We all know how important wizard towers are. More so, wizard towers (level 6 and higher) work as a perfect splash damage units which provides best protection to other attack buildings while they are being attacked by both ground and air attack troops alike. In our TH10 war base design above, notice how all 4 wizard towers are surrounded by other defense buildings. This helps ensure perfect or close to perfect defense buildings optimization.

4. All 3 X-Bows protecting the Town Hall.

The purpose of any enduring war base design is to protect stars. In clan wars, opponent clan members almost always want to snatch away a 100% victory or 3 stars. Thus, one of the primary objective of any enduring war base design should be to give away least amount of stars. In our TH10 war base design above, the 3 X-Bows are positioned in such a way that they provide complete 3 X-Bow protection cover to the town hall. This makes taking down the town hall almost impossible. Thus protecting at least 2 stars all the time (1 for saving the town hall and other for not allowing 100% destruction).

5. Both Barbarian King and Archer Queen in Proximity of the Town Hall.

At TH10 in clan wars, almost every second attack is a Golem or Golem combination attack. Golems (especially level 4 and level 5) have very good health. Moreover, Golemites can also inflict a good amount of damage. Thus, it makes perfect sense to provide the much-needed extra protection to the town hall. Our enduring TH10 war layout is designed just to achieve that.

6. A Compact and well-defended Design.

You must have seen a lot of TH10 war base designs. This design, however, is a compact design which allows for maximum concentration of defense to the central part of the layout. Add to that well-defined positioning of defense buildings and resource collectors and storages and you have a perfect well-defined compact TH10 war base.

7. Tesla Towers on all 4 Sides to protect and take Down P.E.K.K.As.

Almost all GoWiPe clan war attack armies include around 2 P.E.K.K.As. Generally, PEKKAs don’t have a preferred building that they attack. So, they attack the nearest building in sight. PEKKAs have very high damage capabilities and it is most beneficial to take them out from any attack equation early on to ensure that the base defenses have an upper hand in defending. Thus, both outside positioning and 4 corner coverage helps ensure early take out of PEKKAs. Not to forget that Tesla towers equally help eliminate other army troops as well. Just that they two time more effective against PEKKAs.


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