TH10 War Base #1 | A Perpetual Layout

In our quest to build better and lasting layouts that will defend well in clan wars and stand strong against all kind of attack armies, here is a town hall 10 war base design. This base is designed to withstand attacks well in order to perform best in clan wars.


A Perpetual clan war base layout for TH10.


Salient Features of this TH 10 War Base:

Here are some salient features of the above TH 10 war base to justify me calling it a perpetual TH10 war base:

1. A semi-lurable clan castle.

Although it is not possible to make a completely un-lurable clan castle positioning in any layout design, we strive to achieve a semi-lurable clan castle positioning to make attacks more difficult. Since, the above TH10 war base layout is a 100 percent spread layout, most enemies will be able to lure out the clan castle troops, however, they will not be able to find a corner where they can peacefully destroy them without being attacked by at least one or two defense buildings.

2. 100 percent base area coverage.

With experience, I have realized that a 100% base cover layout helps delay the attacking armies. Be it dragons, golems, witches, wizards and balloons, all take time due to their slow movement speed and this helps and provides our defence buildings a good chance to take them out before they can reach the central part of the base. This is not only true for TH10 bases, it is true form other town hall level bases as well in clan wars.

3. Well positioned defense buildings.

One of the most important aspects of any good clan war layout is the positioning of the defense buildings. In the above perpetual TH 10 war base, notice how the defense buildings are spread out evenly throughout the base area. This leaves little room or undefended area in the base. Thus, as soon as the enemy troops are deployed and come in play, they are under attack instantly.

4. Perfectly positioned traps.

Perfect traps placement is crucial for any good base design. This is so true for clan war bases in particular. Within our Perpetual Th10 war base above, notice the placement of the traps. All traps including bombs, giant bombs, skeleton traps, air bombs, air mines and spring traps are perfectly placed to help ensure maximum damage is inflicted on attacking armies at crucial points.

5. Storages to absorb damage and provide defense to attacking buildings.

It is very important to provide attack absorption defense to attacking buildings so that they get a chance to take out the enemy armies before they get taken out. In our perpetual TH10 war base above, care is taken to position the resource storage and resource collection buildings right before the placement of the defense attack buildings. This placement gives 5-10 more seconds of survival for the defense buildings, thus, they have a better chance to take out attacking armies.

6. Centrally located town hall.

Any good clan war base layout should protect stars. One star is lost when the town hall is destroyed. Thus protecting the town hall is crucial in clan wars. Within the above perpetual TH10 war base, since it is a balanced base from all sides, it is but natural to position the town hall at the center of the layout to take advantage of the design.

7. Balanced defense from all sides.

With experience, I have realized that keeping any side of a war base layout weak is a big no-no. Attackers are looking for any kind of weak spots which they can capitalize on. In our perpetual TH10 clan war base above, care has been taken to ensure that it is a well-balanced base. Let the attacker attack from any side, the result will be the same.

8. Minimum 3 layer wall protection.

Although walls are known to delay the progress of attacking armies. Outer positioning of the walls makes them vulnerable to wall breaker attacks. Wall breakers play a crucial role in Golem and Golem combination army attacks. When, however, if the walls are positioned closer to the interior of the base layout, wall breakers in many cases can be taken out by the defense buildings before they can break the walls. This is particularly true in our perpetual TH10 war base above.

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