Take Full Advantage of “The Special Troop Event!”

First time in many months, Supercell has decided to reward us clashers with a special troop event today: 11th May 2015. For a limited time, the cost and training times for both the hog rider and the Balloons have been halved. You can find more details of this “Special Troop Event: Maintenance Break – 11th May 2015“. We all know that this special event is a time bound event and definitely, the costs and training times of both the troops will be reversed back once the event is over.

halved time and cost to train both the hog rider and the balloons.

Let’s understand what the implications of the event will be for us and how we can take full advantage of the event while it lasts. Should we increase our number of raids that we do or should our clan utilize this as an opportunity to do back-to-back wars in order to up the clan level xp and thus the clan levels. Or if, you feel that you need to do nothing and let the opportunity go by.

I personally feel that this is a good occasion to both advance to higher trophy levels and to advance your clans to higher level clans. You may also use this time to increase your number of raid and gather resources in order to upgrade both the troops and the buildings. Below is a list of things (in terms of priority) that you should target to do while the “Special Event” lasts.

1. Do only Loonian / Hogrider raids to both+ push trophies and gather resources.

Since, now both cooking the loons and hogs takes lesser time and cost, it is best that we switch our regular raid troops with either loons or hogs (as per our preferences). Use them to both amass resources and push your trophies. At Town Hall 7, this is a golden time to push trophies to reach the Crystal League or even the Masters League.

For TH8s and TH9s, this is an ideal situation which can help you reach the Champions league as well. While, on the way to the higher leagues, you can amass resources including Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir to begin the most expensive upgrades (that are so common at TH8s and TH9s).

For Town Hall 10s, this is a golden opportunity to amass resources. Resources looting is quite difficult at town hall 10, thus, amassing them becomes quite a daunting task, specially, for the highest cost upgrades. Now, however, it can be made possible as high level loons which used to cost 4500 elixir can now be cooked for only 2250 elixir, you save up almost half the elixir while your raid loot and your loot bonus remains the same.

2. Utilize the resources to begin most expensive Upgrades

While the special troop event does help in amassing resources, it is one thing to amass resources and another thing to prioritize their usage.  Use resources to upgrade both your troops and your defense buildings first. Then if and when extra resources are available, use them to upgrade the walls.

3. Do Back-to-Back wars in order to gain Clan XP

One of the best use of this special troop event is that your clan and other clans alike can use it to do back-to-back wars. While the special event lasts, you clan can choose to do back to back wars to up their clan level quickly. Although this is a more logical and natural use of the event, understanding and utilizing it to your clan’s advantage is another thing. If you happen to read this article, and if you feel your clan must up their clan level quickly, do advise and point them to this article which explains why your clan should do back to back wars while this “special event” lasts.


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