TH10 War Base - COC

TH10 War Base # 4 | An Unrelenting Layout

  Why I call this TH10 War Base Unrelenting If you are looking for a TH10 clan war base design that is simple yet unrelenting, look no further. The above layout simply works well because most attackers choose to start their attack from the

TH10 War Base #3 | A Resolute Layout

Striving to create a resolute TH10 War Base that will survive almost any kind of army combination attack, here is a base design which does exactly that. This resolute TH10 war base will almost always defend well in clan wars and give you that

TH10 War Base #2 | An Enduring Layout

Are you on the lookout for an enduring TH10 War Base? We all love to win wars for your prestige and of course, the win also brings in a good amount of loot. So, it is but natural that we are always on the

TH10 War Base #1 | A Perpetual Layout

In our quest to build better and lasting layouts that will defend well in clan wars and stand strong against all kind of attack armies, here is a town hall 10 war base design. This base is designed to withstand attacks well in order

Top 3 TH 10 War Base Designs (4 Mortars) – COC

Latest Top 3 TH 10 Clan War Base Layouts (with 4 Mortars) In this Top 3 Series of Clash of Clans War Base Designs, find herein the Top 3 Town Hall 10 layouts for clan wars. These designs are presented in no particular order, they include the