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10 Tips for Farming in Clash of Clans

Farming is a must in order to get a lot of loot which can then be used to upgrade both your buildings and your armies. As your town hall level increases and your troop level increases, it becomes costlier to both searching for loot

League or Trophy Range for Farming At TH9 – COC

Irrespective of what troops you may use for farming, in this article I will try to answer the key question which every player at Town Hall 9 is faced with while farming. Where can you find the maximum of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir

Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops Upgrade Order) – COC

Which Troops To Upgrade At TH9 for Farming If you are following my previous article: Effective Farming At TH9 (Troops to Use)  you may be aware of which troops I have recommended to use while farming at Town Hall 9. If you have read the full

Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops to Use) – COC

Best Farming Troops Combination – Town Hall 9 After the Halloween 2014 Update and the subsequent reduction in the amount of loot available, I have been contacted by many Clash of Clan Town Hall 9 players complaining about the loot problem and what is