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Spark Notes User Posts 3 TH7 War Base Layouts

A “Spark Notes” follower posted 3 Town hall 7 War Base Designs which I have included in this post. As a matter of fact due to so many base design submissions, I could only include these layouts (from the spark notes user: Garry Round)

TH7 Farming Base Design Layout 1

This TH7 Farming Base Layout is Anti Giants With the primary intention of protecting the resources from being completely looted by a perfect level 4 giants attack or by a poorly orchestrate level 5 giants attacks, Please don’t expect this layout to hold good against

TH9 Farming Base Design Layout 1

An Anti Giants TH9 Farming Layout This farming base design is in limelight due to it’s good defense against Giants and Giant combination attacks. This layout protects the available loot well and defends the base when attacked in multi-player mode while farming. It’s not

TH9 Farming Base (4 Mortars) Anti Giants

Owing to the introduction of the level 7 Giants in the December 2014 update, more and more TH9 and TH10 farming base(s) will be attacked with a combination of level 7 Giants and level 4 healers along with high level Wizards. How one can

Top 3 TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs – COC

TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs 1. Anti-Giants / Anti-Dragon / Anti-Hogs TH8 4 Mortar War Base To protect your base against town hall 8 attackers. Attacks that are usually done with level 5 Giants, level 4 hogs or level 3 dragons. This TH8

Anti Giants Th8 War Base Design

Why An Anti Giants War Base is Important At town hall 8 level you are prone to be attacked by TH9 players who come with lvl 6 giants many a times to 2 or 3 star your base at the minimum of their elixir