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3 Effective TH8 War Base Layouts with Air Sweeper

With the introduction of the “Air Sweeper” in the April 2015 update of Clash of Clans, all us are wondering how and where to place the new building in our current layouts. Pressed against time, if you are unable to create a design that

Top 3 Strongest TH8 war base Designs (Anti-Dragon) April 2015

From time to time I have been including anti-dragon town hall 8 clan war base design layouts on The purpose of including this article is to provide fresh and effective i.e., strongest anti-dragon town hall 8 layouts which you can include in your

20 Town Hall 9 Base Designs March 2015

One Place for Town Hall 9 Base Designs Quit looking for Town Hall 9 base designs. Mgyans is your Insurance to get the best: war base, trophy push base, farming base and hybrid TH9 designs. Here is a collection of the best and most

Spark Notes User Posts 3 TH7 War Base Layouts

A “Spark Notes” follower posted 3 Town hall 7 War Base Designs which I have included in this post. As a matter of fact due to so many base design submissions, I could only include these layouts (from the spark notes user: Garry Round)

Base Design: Air Defense Placement Tips – COC

Why are Air Defenses Important? The only defenses that can potentially take out all dragon attacks and defend your base against loot and in war alike. The air defenses only target air troops, as a matter of fact they are the only defenses that

Anti Dragon TH9 War Base Design

Why you need an Anti Dragon War Base? If you have been playing Clash of Clans in general or if you are a frequent participant in clan wars, then it goes without saying that you have been attacked with Air troops frequently. For clan