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TH9 War Base Layout 2 Clash of Clans

An Anti Dragon / Hog / Golem / Giant TH9 War Base It took me around a week to look through TH9 bases to find the best COC TH9 4 mortars war base that will defend equally well when attacked with dragons, hogs and

TH9 War Base Design Layout 1

An Anti Golem TH9 Clan War Layout This war base design is selected due to it’s primary defense against Golem and Golem combination attacks. This layout performs particularly well in clan wars and protects valuable war stars from attackers. It is not easy to 2

Top 3 TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs – COC

TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs 1. Anti-Giants / Anti-Dragon / Anti-Hogs TH8 4 Mortar War Base To protect your base against town hall 8 attackers. Attacks that are usually done with level 5 Giants, level 4 hogs or level 3 dragons. This TH8

The Gingole TH9 Base Design – Clash of Clans

The Gingole Walls Layout As is with any clash of clans base design, placement of walls is the first and foremost task, right placement of walls not only slows down enemy attacks, it can also be used to funnel enemy troops into traps and

Anti Hogs TH9 War Base – COC

Why an Anti Hogs War Base is a Must at TH9? For those who regularly participate in clan wars in Clash of Clans, they know how often they get attacked by hogs. Level 4 or level 5 hogs do immense damage and can 3

Anti-Golem TH9 War Base Design

Why an Anti-Golem War Base? If you have very recently upgraded your town hall to lvl 9, and your clan heavily depends on your performance to win wars, you most definitely need a war base design which will not just be effective against Hogs

Amazing Town Hall 9 war base!

What it defends Against? 3 Layer Defenses A complete layer by layer defense against both Air and land attackers; this design will help defend your base against almost all kind of land and air attacks including combination attacks as well. The 3 layer protection