4 Mortar Base Designs - COC

TH8 Farming Base Design Layout 1

An Anti BArch, BArMi & BArGo TH8 Farming Layout Within and around the Gold III league (around 1490 – 1500 trophies), there is a sweet spot. Here you are able to find good loot and also get attacked by armies which include both town hall

Top 3 TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs – COC

TH8 4 Mortar WAR Base Designs 1. Anti-Giants / Anti-Dragon / Anti-Hogs TH8 4 Mortar War Base To protect your base against town hall 8 attackers. Attacks that are usually done with level 5 Giants, level 4 hogs or level 3 dragons. This TH8

Top 5 TH 9 War Base Designs COC (4 Mortars)

Owing to huge demand for effective and varying Th9 war base designs, Here is a compilation of Top 5 different and effective TH9 war base designs that you can choose from to use in your clash of clans – clan wars. Each base design

The Gingole TH9 Base Design – Clash of Clans

The Gingole Walls Layout As is with any clash of clans base design, placement of walls is the first and foremost task, right placement of walls not only slows down enemy attacks, it can also be used to funnel enemy troops into traps and

4th Mortar Placement Tips – Clash of Clans

Introduction of the 4th Mortar Following the Halloween (october 2014) clash of clans update, you now have an additional i.e., 4th mortar available in your defenses if you are a town hall 8 or higher. This is a permanent addition in your base defenses.

Anti Hogs TH9 War Base – COC

Why an Anti Hogs War Base is a Must at TH9? For those who regularly participate in clan wars in Clash of Clans, they know how often they get attacked by hogs. Level 4 or level 5 hogs do immense damage and can 3

Anti Giants Th8 War Base Design

Why An Anti Giants War Base is Important At town hall 8 level you are prone to be attacked by TH9 players who come with lvl 6 giants many a times to 2 or 3 star your base at the minimum of their elixir

Anti Dragon TH9 War Base Design

Why you need an Anti Dragon War Base? If you have been playing Clash of Clans in general or if you are a frequent participant in clan wars, then it goes without saying that you have been attacked with Air troops frequently. For clan

4 Mortar Base – TH8 and TH9 War Bases

After 22nd October 2014, the Halloween update, anyone who is townhall 8 and above is faced with a crucial design change that needs to be implemented in order to accommodate the 4th Mortar into their war base designs. Although we all have our own