Spark Notes User Posts 3 TH7 War Base Layouts

Town Hall 7 War Base Design Layouts


A “Spark Notes” follower posted 3 Town hall 7 War Base Designs which I have included in this post. As a matter of fact due to so many base design submissions, I could only include these layouts (from the spark notes user: Garry Round) after he submitted his town hall layouts 2 times over.

Why I included These TH7 War Base Designs?

On carefull analysis and testing, I find the base designs perfect defense for town hall 7’s in clan wars. There is a surprise element that shocks town hall 8 attackers and mostly gives away 2 stars as compared to the usual 3 stars that they are supposed to give away. What more, these attackers usually use level 3 dragons and accompany the attacks with high level rage and heal spells.

I personally found the designs quite interesting. Hope all my blog readers at town hall 7 will try these bases and take advantage of the good designs.

Spark Notes User’s 3 TH7 War Base Layouts

So, without further ado, here are latest 3 Town Hall 7 war base designs whom you should give a try in your next clan war. And, if you like the layouts or if they work for you, credit not only goes to me but also to the “Spark Notes User: Garry Round” who has taken the extra effort and time to post these layouts.

TH7 War Base Layout 1


Anti Giants-Healer Attack TH7 War Base Design

When a base is attacked by any giants army, the army typically comprises of giants, healers and wizards. Now it is not possible for a town hall 7 base to defend against attacks from town hall 8 players. However, when a town hall 7 is attacked by another town hall 7 player, this base does exceedingly well in protecting crucial stars. It is important to ensure that there are either high level wizards or valkaries in the clan castle to provide that extra protection. It is practically impossible for a town hall 7 attacker to 3 star this base with a giants army.

TH7 War Base Layout 2


Anti Dragon (level 1) TH7 War Base Design

Above is a simple yet effective Town Hall 7 (Anti-Dragon) war base design posted by the Spark Notes User. It’s a compact and well defended walls layout accompanied by perfect placement of air defenses to provide air defense cover to the entire base and double air defense cover to the town hall. Well positioned clan castle also helps ensure that the air defenses take out some dragons while the dragons are engaged in clearing the clan castle troops.

TH7 War Base Layout 3


Anti Giants & Dragon (level1) TH7 War Base Design

As compared to the other two designs above, this layout not only protects from level 1 dragon attacks but also protects equally well from Giants and Giant combination attacks from most Town Hall 7 attackers. Salient features of the above base design include: Perfect placement of Archer Towers, Wizard Towers, Hidden Teslas and Clan Castle. On top of that, the Town Hall is more or less centrally positioned to make it difficult for any attacking army troops to easily reach it. This Town Hall 7 War base layout defends well in clan wars and will help save precious stars.

If you like these layouts, request you post your comments and thanks to the spark note user in the comments section below. Cheers and happy clashing.

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