Sneak Peek #2: Clash of Clans Feb 2015 Update

COC February Upsate: Sneak Peek #2

COC February Update: Sneak Peek #2


Hey Chiefs, if you have not already seen Sneak Peek #1 – COC February 2015 Update, please follow the link. Sneak Peek #2 is around the corner. Already, level 13 Cannons and major changes in the way Healers are affected have been included in the first sneak peek. We are all wondering what will follow in the Second Sneak Peek. Although it is much rumored that Town Hall 11 will be introduced in the February 2015 update. I pretty much doubt it. As an introduction of a higher Town Hall will entail introduction of higher level of troops and new Dark Barrack Troops (for which it will take time and since the update is around the corner, it’s highly unlikely).

Although I do not like to keep you waiting, the second sneak peek will be updated by me very shortly. Stay tuned in and keep around, as soon as I get confirmation on the features that are included in the Second Sneak Peek, I will update this article. You may come back before the end of the day today and expect to see the second sneak peek!!

Till then, enjoy yourself and keep clashing!

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