Second Sneak Peek – Winter 2014 (Christmas) Update COC

Second Sneak Peek – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update – Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 Update (Winter) Sneak Peek -2The main purpose of the December (Christmas update) as published on Supercell Fourm, what we call the Second Christmas (Winter) 2014 Update – Sneak Peek is detailed below:


Supercell is trying to balance the game by introducing the three main economy balancing changes as detailed below:

  1. They want to increase the availability of Dark Elixir to the middle-level Town Halls (TH7s and TH8s)
  2. Lack of elixir at middle level Town Halls has resulted in these Town Hall players using low elixir cost armies. Supercell wants to change this by making changes that will help retain more elixir at middle level battles (TH7s, TH8s and th9S)
  3. Supercell also wants to increase the Gold and Elixir availability at higher level Town Halls (TH8s, TH9s and TH10s) so that resources are available to players to use them for both the high cost upgrades and for upgrading the high cost walls as well.

In order to achieve the above goals, below are the actual changes that will take place in the Christmas (Winter) 2014 update:

1. Walls upgrades with Elixir was added for level 8 walls plus in the last Halloween update, now that has been changed to be available only for level 9 and higher walls.

Currently, due to the Halloween update, villagers use their access elixir in upgrading their walls, this removes the much needed available elixir loot for attackers and makes attacking such villages nonviable. Active attackers have been facing this problem, and Supercell are rightly correcting this by making this change. Supercell wants to only provide the elixir wall upgrade facility to highest level walls where the cost of the walls is so high and it is not possible to do both buildings updates and wall upgrades with Gold. This will also help ensure that middle-level town halls will now be forced to go to battle with higher level troops (as they cannot stack away the access elixir anymore).

2) Level 12 Gold Mine and Elixir Collectors for TH8 plus.

Introduction of the Level 12 Goldmine and Level 12 Elixir Collectors and making them available at Town Hall 8 and higher will help increase the availability of resources & loot to higher level players i.e., TH8, TH9 & TH10 players. The level 12 collectors will have higher production rate and higher capacity also. So, as soon as this upgrade happens, ensure to upgrade your elixir collectors and gold mine on first priority (if you are a town hall 8 or higher)

3) The first Dark Elixir Drill on  Town Hall 7 instead of Town Hall 8.

Town Hall 7 players have always complained about non-availability of dark elixir and have been facing the problem to collect and get the Babarian King since long. Also, due to no generation of Dark Elixir at TH7, it has been very difficult for town hall 7 players to get dark elixir (they can only attack higher level town halls to get it). This is slated to change with this update. Now dark elixir can be generated in-house and also can be looted form other TH7 players, making it easy for TH7 players to get their Barbarian King.

So, now, at Town Hall 7, the dark elixir drill along with the dark elixir storage and the dark barrack ensure both production of dark elixir, more consumption of dark elixir and more available dark elixir for loot.

4) Second Dark Elixir Drill  at Town Hall 8 instead of Town Hall 9.

To ensure more available Dark Elixir to Town Hall 8 players, Supercell has decided to make the second dark elixir drill available to TH8 players. Dark Elixir is much needed and less available at TH8, you need it to upgrade your Barbarian king to level 10, to upgrade all available Dark Troops to higher levels in the Laboratory and to train and use Dark troops to be used in Clan Wars and for Looting.

Thus rightly, the second Dark Elixir Drill was much needed at TH8 and Supercell as done it right. With this update, expect the use of higher level Golems in TH8 attacks now!

5) DE Drills Maximum Capacities Increased at All Levels.

Storage capacity of the DE Drills will not be increased for all level drills. This is a welcome change, as many a times, you need to keep coming back to your village (specially for lower level drills) to keep collecting the dark elixir (as the storage capacity now is too little). This will also handle the problem of the stoppage of production of Dark Elixir (as it used to happen very often) once it gets full.

Dark Elixir Drills maximum level at TH7 & TH8 will be Level 3 and for TH9 & TH10 it remains unchanged at level 6.

Hopefully you like this “Second Sneak Peek – winter 2014 (Christmas) Update” and do keep coming back for more details and more sneak peeks on the Winter (Christmas) 2014 update of Clash of Clans.

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Happy Clashing!

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