Sandbox Attacks will Work No More!

With this maintenance break on 11th May 2015, we were all wondering why the break took 45 minutes as against 20 minutes that it was slated to take. To my delight I found that not only were we rewarded with goodies, there was a hidden benefit to all of who play the game fair and square.

You must have heard of the “Sandbox Mode” and how these kind emulators are used to re-enact attacks. Many Clash of Clan players used these emulators to gain an unfair advantage in clan wars. Including “XmodGames”, “Raccoon Bot” and other similar emulators were in use and they helped gain an unfair advantage to all players who used them. Supercell was well aware of these malpractices and from long we were expecting something that could be done to stop such practices and help make the game fair. Supercell has listened to our requests.

11 May - Maintenance Break - Eliminates Sandbox Attacks

In the update (maintenance break) that took place on 11th May, data of both trap locations and clan castle troops have been moved and stored on to Supercell’s servers. Although Sandbox Mode will continue to work, moving the data of the traps and the CC troops helped as now the sandbox mode will not be able to reveal the information without it being able to retrieve from Supercell’s server instead of the information which was locally available. For those who regularly used sandbox attacks and if you are wondering why sandbox attacks are not working, understand that they will no-longer work!

The fun part is that if the trap locations and the CC troops are out of the equation, then, any kind of perfected sandbox attack will definitely fail in live environment. What it means for us fair players is our clans will win more wars than usual. Specially with the Chinese clans who were regularly using one or the other sandbox mode application to win wars. Now the wars will be more competitive.

Please post your comments and thoughts on this issue and how your clan will benefit from this change.

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