Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace Rooting Instructions and installing xmodgames for COCBefore you proceed to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace so that you can install xmodgames in it, may I suggest strongly to visit our previous blog: How to Root Any Android Device for Xmodgames. Read carefully on what rooting is and why you need it and also understand what are the pros and corns of rooting an android device. This rooting instruction guide for Samsung Galaxy Ace will only work for you to install xmodgames to play Clash of Clans with xmodgames. If you would like to completely root your device for further tweaking may I suggest you to follow some other guide by searching: How to perform a full root of an android device for development.


If you have a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread DDKQ5 or DDKQ6 version, use this guide to root the device. To check the version of your smartphone, go to Settings > More > About Device > Android Version. Here you can check what android version your device is using.

Prerequisites for Rooting A Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. A Backup is Needed: If you have sensitive information or information that is important to you, I strongly recommend you to take a backup of your smartphone before you proceed further. In normal cases, you should consider backing up your phone data including: call logs, text messages, media files, whatsapp and other commonly used application data.
  2. Ensure and recheck the amount of battery life that is left on the phone before proceeding. It is strongly recommended that you at-least have 70% battery life left before you can proceed to successfully root your smartphone. If the battery life is lower, there is a possibility that the phone may shutdown mid-way within the rooting process. This may result in partial or complete corruption of your smartphone software.
  3. Next, you will need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone. This can easily be done by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging and checking it. USB debugging will be required in order for you to gain access to debugging the smartphone from your PC / Laptop.
  4. Next, Close all non core function applications that may conflict with your rooting process. This applies to both the smartphone and the PC or Laptop that you may use to root your smartphone. On your PC / Laptop disable antivirus and other such applications that may restrict full control to perform the root operation smoothly.

Now that you have completed the prerequisites, you are now free to proceed to the main rooting process below. Please note that rooting any smartphone is a technical thing. If you are not sure that you will be able to do it, this is the time to stop here. If you stop midway or are not able to follow the instructions properly you may need technical help. You may even end you loosing your crucial data on the smartphone.

Rooting Instructions for Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. On your PC or Laptop, download the Galaxy Ace Rooting Package. You may download the file from here (around 1 MB).
  2. You may now connect your smartphone to your PC / Laptop via the USB cable. If you are running Windows 7 or higher on the PC or Laptop that you are using, the PC / Laptop software will automatically recognize your device and will help you open and browse the device.
  3. Copy the file downloaded in Step 1 above to the SD card on your smartphone. Do not rename or modify the file.
  4. Reboot your smartphone in recovery mode. Switch off your phone. Now simultaneously keep pressed the “Volume Up” and the “OK Button” and press the “Power Button”.
  5. Your smartphone should boot into the recovery mode screen. Here you will get options to choose select “install from SD card Zip”, using the “volume Up” and “Volume Down” keys scroll to locate the ZIP file you copied from your PC / Laptop to the SD card in step 3. Once you have located it, press the “Power Button” to select the file to start the rooting process (FYI the name of the file that you have transferred to the SD card should be :
  6. This will start the rooting process which will take 6-7 minutes. Do not press any buttons now. Just wait for the process to complete. Once the process completes, your smartphone will automatically reboot. If, for some reason, the smartphone does not reboot after the process is complete, you may manually reboot your smartphone.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Ace. You can now enjoy the benefits of having a rooted device. You may proceed to install xmodgames onto your device to start using it for Clash of Clans.

If by following the above instructions, you are not able to root your device, then, chances are that you have a different smartphone or your Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Android version is not suitable for rooting. In which case, I suggest you to either not root your device (till you find a working tutorial for it) or to get in touch with a smartphone expert who can assist you in rooting your device. 

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