Rage Spell Details & Upgrade Progression Guide

The Rage Spell

Rage Spell Details & Upgrade Progression Guide


At each higher level of the rage spell, the improvement in speed and the damage rendered of friendly troops increases. Rage spells are known to be particularly effective when they are applied on high HP groups of troops and closer to a herd of compactly placed defense buildings. Although it is very important to effectively use the rage spells and there are certain things you need to know if you want to perfect the use of rage spells, these tips and tricks will be covered in my next article on rage spells.

You Get the Rage Spell at level 3 Spell Factory (TH7)

Here, in this article, however, we will be covering two most basic things that everyone needs to know about rage spells as they progress in the game and as they keep upgrading their town hall, laboratory and the spell factory. You first get the rage spell at Spell factory level 3 which you get at town hall level 7. Once you have unleashed the rage spell by upgrading the spell factory at TH7, you get level 1 rage spell.

You can Max the Rage Spell at TH8

You can actually immediately upgrade the rage spell to level 2 (provided your laboratory is free). It is highly recommended to do this upgrade as soon as you can, because, at level 1, the rage spell is very weak. Ideally you want the rage spell to be level 4 or higher. Only level 4 and higher rage spells are particularly effective in all dragon attacks, giant & healer attacks and in loonian attacks which you will be doing very often at town hall level 7 and level 8. The highest level of the rage spell at town hall 7 is level 4 which you can only upgrade to if you have a level 5 laboratory. At level 8 town hall, you can max out the rage spell to level 5 if you have upgraded your laboratory to level 6.

Perfect Upgrade Strategy for Rage Spells

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your rage spell to level 4 before you upgrade your town hall from level 7 to level 8. Only once you have done this upgrade, upgrade your town hall. The main reason for doing this is of-course, you get lesser and lesser loot when you jump higher town hall levels. It is much easier to loot 1.8 million elixir (which is required to upgrade the rage spell to level 4 as compared to getting the same amount at town hall 8, further and more importantly, you have more important upgrades you need to do with your elixir at TH8 and thus, as I always recommend, upgrade your town hall only once you have completed all your other upgrades and all your resources storages are full!

Rage Spell Upgrade Requirements: Tabular Presentation

For all my friends who like to see a tabular presentation of information (as tabular presented information makes more visual sense), I am presenting to you below a table of details which will help you visually in evaluating and calculating as to when and how you should go about in upgrading the rage spell, how much time and resources is required to upgrade the rage spell at each level and what are the prerequisites for each upgrade level.

Rage Spell Upgrade

[table width=”460″ colwidth=”60|110|110″ colalign=”center|center|center|center” align=”center”]

Spell Level,Laboratory Level,Spell Factory Level,Town Hall Level

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