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Protect Resources TH6


Whom to Defend Against?

At town hall level 6, it’s tricky situation, you do not have high end defense buildings which can help protect your available loot form people who come to loot. Moreover, you can expect to get attacked by strong armies of level 7 players even level 8 players who have bigger and stronger armies.

What Can be done to Protect Resources at TH6?

It is not possible to protect your weak and undeveloped base. You constantly get looted by higher level players with little that you can do to protect your loot. So, here in this article, I am providing you with a guide on how you can protect your loot or at least protect a good share of the loot from high end attacks. There are basically 5 important tips or tricks that you can follow to either ensure that there is very little loot available or that the attacker takes the trophies and leaves or better still; include high end defense troops in the clan castle. Let’s take a look at all the five things you can do to protect your resources at TH6:

Use the Best Farming Base Design Possible:

There are many farming base designs available for higher town halls, however, when it comes to TH6, it is difficult to find choices and variations in farming base designs. Thus, in my previous article, I took the initiative and published an article which included best and latest  farming base designs at TH6. There are 3 layouts you can choose from. All three layouts are for farming only. You may choose any one of them, adopt the design to your liking or use it as it is. Once you have chosen the best layout or design for your TH6 to help protect the loot, you need to proceed to the second most important step in protecting your loot.

Use Maximum Resources Before You Leave the Village

It’s a good practice to ensure to upgrade the most costly building(s) before you take a break from the game. Once you have farmed for resources and have sufficient amount of it, provided that you do have a free builder or two, you can start your costliest upgrades before leaving your village or taking a break from the game. If there is no resource available for loot, then, how can they be looted?

Time Your Entry and Exits Well!

A good strategy to protect your loot is to keep farming till once of your builder gets free. Once a builder is free, you can upgrade some wall pieces with the available gold and one of the elixir upgrades (either a barrack or army camp or Gold Storage or a troop upgrade). This will help ensure that there is least amount of available loot when you are not online.

Stack Away Elixir in Your Barracks

Extra elixir can be stacked away within your barracks. Once you have your army camps full, the barracks can still hold production of their maximum capacity without producing the troops. Here, we utilize this feature of the barracks and we can queue up troop production in the barracks to stack away elixir. It’s best to stack away costliest troops which occupy least amount of space. The most appropriate and best troop to use is the wall breaker.

A wall breaker occupies 2 spaces in the army camp and level 3 wall breakers cost 2,000 elixir each. With an average training capacity of 150, you can keep 75 wall breaker equivalent elixir within your barracks. What this means is you can stack away around 150,000 elixir within the barracks at any point you have to leave the game.

Tip Number 1: If you do follow this strategy, you will need to cancel the troop production or training of the wall breakers before you go for an attack to retrieve the elixir that is stacked away and also to ensure that the wall breakers don’t actually get produced.

Ensure to Get Level 6 Wizards or Balloons in your Clan Castle!

Level 6 troops including Wizards and Balloons are known to have a good health and best attack damage. They can easily take out a good share of the opponent armies preventing them from penetrating your village and reaching the resource storages most of the time. Inclusion if such troops in your clan castle (depending on your clan castle’s level you may be able to hold up to 3 or 4 level 6 balloons and around 3-5 level 6 wizards). Ensure to join a clan that has higher level players who are more than willing to help you out when you need the defense troops.

Prioritize The Upgrades of Your Defense Buildings

Finally, the fifth most important thing you can do is to max out your village’s defenses at the earliest. Prioritize the upgrades of defense buildings before other buildings. Keep your builders occupied at all times, follow a good upgrade order for your defense buildings so that the base is kept protected well even when you are upgrading them.

If you don’t Already have, get your 4th Builder!

It’s a very good idea (in order to speed up your upgrades), to get your 4th builder at TH6. When it comes to builders, its best to get maximum of them at the earliest. The more the builders you have, the faster you can complete all your upgrades! If you are willing to buy some Gems, then the best user of the gems is to get your builders. If possible and if you have the resources, try to even buy out the fifth builder. This will improve your upgrade speed and help you progress fast in the game. Cheers and happy clashing!

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