Not Getting Loot in Clash of Clans

Not Getting Loot - Clash of Clans


If like me you are also unable to find loot in clash of clans and are trying to figure out what can be done in this kind of a scenario, you are at the right place. Right after the Halloween 2014 update, we have all been facing loot availability issues till date. On and off, with various boosts, supercell has tried to correct this, however, there is not much if a difference. The scarcity of the available loot still persists.

The Non-Availability of Loot May Soon Be over?

Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 Update (Winter) Sneak Peek -2

The Introduction of the level 12 gold and elixir collectors at town hall 8 and higher will help solve the loot problem somewhat.

In the December 2014 Update of the game, level 12 Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors are introduced. Also wall upgrades with elixir for town hall 8 and below is not possible any more (check out the second sneak peek December 2014). So, are these steps sufficient to ensure that loot will be available and the more important question; will it be viable to loot anymore?

Should we all stop looting and just concentrate on our base designs and in placing high end troops in our clan castle to protect our own collected loot to use it for our upgrades? or, Will there be a permanent solution to the scanty loot problem. From the looks of it, the introduction of the level 12 collectors will start taking effect from another 10-12 days, then, the situation will be clearer.

Although I am personally predicting that the loot problem at level 8 Town Hall and higher will improve, since the requirement for loot and resources at higher levels of town halls is too high, I am not sure how much of a difference this will make.

So what Should Be Done?

One is kept wondering what could be the best way to deal with the loot scarcity problem and how to satiate the need for Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir at higher town hall levels. If you are really in a hurry and would like to max out your defenses fast, Gemming is one thing you can consider.

Use Gems & Buy Gems to Upgrade Buildings?

Not getting loot, what can be done?

Is Gemming the one one solution to the loot problem? or, are there other ways to find loot in clash of clans?

Gaining gems is however another very difficult thing and we will discuss it in another article which will be addressed to Gems and how to gain gems fast by completing the achievements fast, for now, one solution is to buy Gems. Buying gems is expensive. If you do have the money to spend this is fine. However, for young players and people like me who want to take up challenges and would like to do it without spending money, there is one more alternative.

Adapt A Good and Effective Farming Strategy

10 Farming Tips - Clash of Clans

Will adapting a good farming strategy help you find loot?

Another solution is effective farming. You can follow some basics right while raiding and looking for loot. In my article “tips for farming in clash of clans“, I have touched base on the 10 basic things you should follow to always find loot. If you follow the tips, you can always gain loot no matter how hard it is to find it.

Adapt A Troll Farming Base Design

Along with changing the troops and the way you farm, another thing to take care of is to ensure that you do not get looted. Or get away by giving away minimum loot. For this it is important to have a troll base layout which ensures that the first person who finds your base attacks you and also that the attacker is shocked and overwhelmed by your layout and has already spent 20-30% of his army rendering his attack useless and unable to accomplish his objective of attacking your base. For this you may visit my blog’s farming base design section to view latest and most up-to-date farming base layouts.

Post your Suggestion for not getting loot in COC

If you are able to find loot and have a unique and effective way to get loot in clash of clans (specially at this moment in time), please post your inputs and suggestions in the comments section below so that we all can benefit form your suggestions. Also, if you have read my article: 10 tips for farming in clash of clans and have benefited by implementing those tips in your game play and method of farming, do post your comments below. Cheers and Happy Clashing!

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