No 1 Tip to Amass Resources in Clash of Clans

The best farming tip ever for TH9 and TH10 players!


At Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10, it’s quite difficult to amass resources. Often, there is lack of available loot and we all need to do too many attack searches before we find befitting and eligible farming bases of our choice! This begs the question is there a way or time when we can amass resources quickly and easily (without too much of searching)?

Bingo! you have arrived at the right place. There is a secret that will help you in easily amassing resources without searching too much. The secret I am going to reveal in this article will help you solve your problems at town hall 9 and 10 specially when you want to amass huge amounts of gold and elixir for the most costly upgrades. When you need to upgrade your x-bows to level 4 which costs a whooping 8 Million Gold, how do you amass such a huge amount of Gold? It’s more difficult when you are at Town Hall 10 and have just upgraded your Town Hall. This little trick helped me amass 8 Million of both Gold and Elixir several times even at beginner Town Hall 10.

The best tip to amass resources at TH9+

The Key lies in where you are positioned in terms of trophy level and at what time of the day do you play the game. After extensive gameplay and after confirming this several times, I am producing below my findings on what is the best trophy level and the best time of the day when you find available loot easily with minimum searching at TH10.

This Trick Works Like A Charm!

You may try what works for you, however, this has been working for me like a charm and I am able to find all 3 resources (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir) following this method. What more, due to my trophy positioning in Crystal 1, I get 65K Gold and 65K Elixir with 300 Dark Elixir in every attack win. This is like the icing on the cake! The other best thing about my strategy is I use a BArMi army combination (Barbarians / Archers and Minions). My typical army comprises of 4-6 wall breakers, 80-90 archers and 100-120 barbarians. I seldom use clan castle troops for farming. I keep them in my CC in order to help protect my available loot at all times.

Now that you know the army combination I use, one more thing, I use lightening spells to steal dark elixir. Thus while targeting bases for loot, dark elixir gets eliminated as a target. I only search for bases which give me huge amounts of either Gold or Elixir while looting. One more thing, since my army costs me around 60 – 70K Elixir, I can afford to attack almost all bases that I find.

The Trophy Range is Most Important

Ideally you would want to either keep climbing or keep dropping your trophy range. Some of us are least bothered about our trophy range. Since last 2-3 updates in Clash of Clans, the loot win bonus has increased. This gives us a good reason to be in higher trophy ranges. However, the trade-off of being in higher trophy ranges is that you find difficult opponents. Specially in the Masters league and higher you can only find maxed out or near maxed out opponents and it is even very difficult to 1 star such bases with a BArMi army.

In my experience, I find that staying in Crystal 1 and hovering between 2301 and 2350 trophies helps you get good loot without much of searching. Also, the dark elixir available in this trophy range is perfect. You may not agree with me, what I suggest is to try it atleast once in order to experience it for yourself.

You need to ensure Your Queen is Awake at All Times

Your Queen is perhaps your best friend for looting within this trophy range. You may ask why? Many a times, you will find isolated town halls which you can attack to gain 1 star and get awarded with the win bonus. Never use your Queen in full fledged attacks and allow her to go to sleep. You may use your King along with the Barbarians if you are targeting internally stored resources.

Keep Searching for Isolated Townhalls and Externally Available Loot

The key to your success in looting lies in your choosing whom to attack and whom not to attack. Keep on the look out for 2 kinds of targets. First and foremost, never let an isolated Town Hall pass. The the best! Just use your Queen to eliminate the town hall and get away with 65K Gold, 65K Elixir and 300 DE without spending any amount of troops. Secondly, look for available loot in the collectors. As compared to other trophy ranges, all though the day, you will find a good amount of available loot in the collectors within this trophy range while searching for whom to attack. Ideally attack only those layouts which have over 200,000 of both gold and elixir available and positioned within the collectors.

The best time of the Day for Loot

For different time zones, the best time frame to amass resources will change. Since my blog is being followed by people all over the globe I will stick with 6 timelines for each segment to use as per their local times. Give or take 1 hour to adjust to your country’s time zone.

New Zealand, Fiji and Soloman Islands:

The best time of the day for farming in the above countries is 8 AM To 10 AM.

Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia:

In Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia, the best for farming is 5 AM to 7 AM.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma and China:

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma and China the best time for farming is 3 AM to 5 AM.

Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia

In Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia the best time for farming is 1:30 AM to 3:30 AM

Africa and Europe

For Africa and Europe, the best time for farming is 9PM to 12 Mid Night

South America

In most part of South America including Brazin and Argentian, the best time for farming is 3PM to 6 PM.

US, Canada and Mexico (East Cost)

In United States and Canada for the East cost, the best time for farming is 1 PM to 3 PM

US, Canada (West Coast)

In the United States and Canada for the West coast, the best time for farming is 11 AM to 1 PM

Hope you enjoyed this article and have tried my tip!

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