New Town Hall 10 Looting Tips

TH-10-Farming-TipsFinding and more importantly gaining the available loot at Town Hall 10 is quite a task. Hardly anyone who is at town hall 10 will say that they can find loot easily. Owing to various clash of clans game settings and formulas that drive the game forward at higher town hall levels, the available loot reduces. While you are looting at lower town hall levels, you always find it easy to get loot due to 2 main factors:


  • on one hand, the available loot ratio for lower town hall levels is favorable
  • and on the other hand, you always have one of two level higher town halls available wherein the available loot ratios are very good and you can very easily find profitable loot.

But, when it comes to Town Hall 10 both the above benefits are no longer available to you. Moreover, the “Find A Match” cost in Multiplayer mode is the highest and it creates a psychological barrier in our minds that we may spend more gold as compared to the amount of gold we may loot while finding the next base to attack. All these factors hinder us from gaining or even trying to find loot at town hall 10. I have been at Town Hall 10 now for around 1 month. Finding loot in the first 2 weeks of me getting at Town Hall 10 was quite a difficult task.

I tried various changes in my tactics to both find and gain profitable loot. Tactics which included changing my farming army combination, dropping and climbing trophies to find the best suited trophy level for farming, sometimes skipping more than 100 searches before I found a base of my liking. After doing a lot of tweaking and testing, I have found some tips that have helped me considerably improve my looting skills at Town Hall 10. If you are a new Town Hall 10 player and are facing similar loot problems, then, you will greatly benefit form the tips below. These tips can be used by both new town hall 10 players or existing town hall 10 players who are struggling to find loot.

Do Targeted Loot Search and Looting

While at lower town hall levels, it was perfectly all-right to loot for all resources (gold, elixir and dark elixir) together, I have realized that it is easier to loot at town hall 10 when you do targeted looting. Targeted helps decide what bases you will skip and what bases you will attack while looting. The main reasons I chose targeted looting is because:

– it is not possible to gain the complete available loot when you are attacking town hall 10 players,
– If you are trying to find all resources while searching, you will spend both too much gold and too much time searching.

When you choose to use targeted looting, you benefit as you do almost half the amount of search needed and thus you also spend half the time needed to find a target base.

Set Available Loot targets in your Mind

While when searching for loot, we usually randomly decide to attack or leave a base found in search, it is both scientific and profitable to set a available loot target to help choose the base you will attack. Here, there are two considerations. On one side you will have to decide which troops you will use for looting and once you have decided on the troop combination, you will then choose the best suited base that you will attack. You may use various troop combinations, depending on, your preference while looting. If you are a new town hall 10 player, then you have a lot of upgrading to do and you require both elixir and gold in the beginning. So, ideally, your main target loot should be gold and elixir. Which means, that you can easily ignore dark elixir from your loot equation. Here again, I chose an available loot range that I targeted depending on what building I had to upgrade next.

Best Looting Strategy for new Town Hall 10s

So, for example: if I needed elixir for my next upgrade, then, I would use the cheapest elixir and dark elixir troops to create a BArMi (barbarians, archers and minions) army. Use it for loot and would try finding a base which I could 1 star (in order to gain the win bonus) within a trophy range of 2700 to 2800. FYI, the win bonus at this trophy range over compensates the cost of the army along with the search cost and also provides buffer loot. All you need to do is to search either isolated town halls or loot that is available in the collectors. It is important to emphasize that if you find outside available loot, then you can trade the win bonus off. And, if you are lucky and have both the heros available for the loot, you can gain both the outside available loot and the win bonus to give your resource collection the extra boost. Here it is important to emphasize the use of both the heal spell and the rage spell. Use then wisely and mainly on the heros for best results. For best farming gains and even better upgrade strategy, do targeted farming choosing either of the below two targets depending on your requirement of resources.

Looting for Gold and Elixir At Town Hall 10

You may either use a Giants and wizards army or best use a BArMi army to gain loot. For gold it is advisable to use a Giants cum wizards army and for elixir or both gold and elixir, use a BArMi army. The only drawback with a BArMi army is that the amount of search that you need to do will be considerably more than when you are using a Giants cum Wizards army.

Looting for Dark Elixir at Town Hall 10

If you are not currently in the trophy range of 2700-2800 (where you find all resources), then, I strongly recommend you to climb up or down as may be the case. Within this trophy range, you find all resources and since the win bonus is also good, you may occasionally find and target isolated town hall bases where you can just gain the win bonus (this will help maintain the required resources and trophy range). Withing this trophy range, the dark elixir is abundant and you can gain as-much dark elixir as you desire. I typically target bases with 2000 plus available dark elixir only. While farming for dark elixir, I usually use a Loonian army. My typical Loonian army comprises of 28 Balloons and 40 Minions. This kind of an army combination take around 1 hour to cook. Also, I go with at-least 2 to 3 spells 1 heal spell and 1 rage spell is compulsory. With this kind of an army combination, you can 1 star even the maxed out town hall 10 bases. The only drawback is that this army is a bit elixir costly. It costs around 200,000 elixir to cook such an army. So be sure to have around 1 million elixir in store before you start farming for dark elixir. The target of this army is to help reach centrally located dark elixir storages and extract the dark elixir. You may sometimes fail to do this. It comes with experience and with choosing the right kind of base to attack. Which you will learn with experience.

In general if you follow my above guide on looting at town hall 10, you will find that it is quite comfortable (even for new town hall 10s) to gain the required resources for upgradations. While you spend more time and get aquainted to your new situation and if you are smart and you upgrade your army camps soon, then you will become more comfortable with the extra troops in both looting and in wars. Hope you liked my article and hope you will benefits form the tips provided herein. If you have your own tips and suggestions for farming at town hall 10, do post them below in the comments section. Cheers and happy clashing!

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