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The Multiple Layouts Editor

Clash of Clans - New Village Editor - December 2014 Update


In the December 2014 Update of Clash of Clans which just took place yesterday, one of the key features update which was much awaited got introduced. Now, with the help of this new Multiple Layouts Editor, we can save 3 village layouts each for the Home Base and for the War Base. With the addition of the multiple layouts editor, how we can save in on time we spent in modifying the village every time. Just keep 3 copies of the most effective home village layout and clan war village layout and keep switching as and when needed.

If you are interested in new base designs for farming or clan war, our base design section can help you get the latest and most effective base layouts. Keep visiting this section to get the latest and most effective farming, trophy and war base layouts.

Key Features of the Multiple Layouts Editor:

You can now save 6 layouts:

3 layouts for your Normal Village and 3 layouts for the War Base Design.

Save an Incomplete Village Design to Edit Later:

Earlier, it was not possible to save an incomplete village and leave. Although, there was a feature that helped you retrieve the village you were editing to a point of auto save that the game did by default. This feature was not very effective. Imaging when you were redesigning a base on your mobile and an important call came through. You leave the game to come back at a later point, however, when you resume village editing, you find that half or so changes you had made to the design has been undone. With the save an incomplete base design and leave feature, we will no longer be facing such a situation.

Once Click to Switch Layouts:

By clicking the "Set As Active" Button you can switch Between layouts in the New Clash of Clans Editor introduced in the Christmas 2014 Update

Now we can switch between the saved layouts by just clicking one button. Things cannot get easier than this. Unhappy with your current layout, want to switch back to another pre-saved layout which has worked better for you in the past, just go to the Layout Editor, Select the layout you want, click the “Set As Active” button and you are done.

Copying Existing Layouts:

Many a times, we don’t want a completely new layout design. We only want to for example switch the positions of the defense buildings on our earlier base design to try it out and see the difference. Earlier this was not possible. However, now, to achieve this, all you have to do is to copy the existing layout, switch the defense buildings only (no need to create the layout from scratch) and save it. You can also use an empty layout to create a fresh layout from scratch.

The Finish Later Feature:

By clicking the "Finish Later" Button you can save unfinished layouts in the New Clash of Clans Editor introduced in the Christmas 2014 Update

Another very important and much awaited feature that we all needed in the village editor was the feature to come back and edit the base later. While editing your base, if something pressing is taking you away form you mobile, just click the “Finish Later” Button and leave to come back later at any time to start editing the base from where you had left it.

What You Think and How You Will Be Using This New Editor?

Now that we know in detail about the Multiple Layout Editor and how to use it, do give it a try. If you like the editor or if you can help provide more information on the editor that I may have missed or if you just want to post your take on the New Editor, please use our comments section to post. Cheers and Happy Clashing!

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