Mastering the use of Lightning Spell



Mastering the Use of Lightning SpellsWe are all familiar with the lightning spell and how to use it.

In this article, however, I am going to cover some tips and tricks which you can use to improve the use of the lightning spells and gain a competitive edge while attacking your enemies both in raiding and in clan wars. Before we can start effectively using the lightning spells, we need to know certain facts and information about the lightning spell which will help us better understand the lightning spell in order to use it more effectively.

5 Facts About the Lightning Spells

The 5 things you may already know but may not have paid attention to. These facts about the lightning spell will help you better deploy it in situations where it will benefit you the most. Also, for my friends who are not currently using the lightning spell at all or are sparingly using it, these 5 facts will help them understand the importance of the lightning spell so that they can effectively start using it in the future.

1. 6 strikes per lightning spell: Each lightning spell does 6 strikes when deployed. There are six lightning bolts that are spread out over the radius of the spell and may render damage to the troops or buildings withing that radius.

2. Lightning spells take 30 minutes to get prepared. Just like other spell, this is average time taken for spells to get cooked.

3. It is one of the least and cheaper elixir costing spell that you can use. The lightning spell irrespective of it’s level, is among the cheaper spells that you can use. Considering this factor, you should use more of it if you can use it effectively.

4. Lightning spell is the first spell you get when you first get your spell factory. So at lower town halls when you do not have any other spell at your disposal, using and effectively using the lightning spell will be the difference between a win and defeat specially in clan wars and while trying to do a trophy push.

5. If used effectively, not only lower level town halls but also at higher level town halls the lightning spell can be very handy specially while dealing with clan castle troops in clan wars!

Top 6 Uses of the Lightning Spell!

Although the lightning spell can be used for various things, here I am providing 6 things you should consider using the lightning spell in order to gain loot or to win clan wars:

1. Destroying Clan Castle Troops:

At Higher Level Town halls (level 9 and level 10), lightning spells are best used to destroy clan castle troops. It is almost customary to either take extra troops in order to lure clan castle troops out and destroy them, or, you can take one lightning spell  and use it on enemy troops once they are out of the clan castle and are somewhat clustered close to each other. The use of only one lightning spell can easily take out the complete set of clan castle troops if deployed correctly at the right time. In many cases, you can also ensure that the clan castle troops are over or around the final layer of walls where if, correctly deployed, the lightning spell not only destroys the clan castle troops but also renders considerable damage to the outer layer of walls (thus, allowing your troops easily destroy the outer layer of walls within very little time).

2. In Gaining Dark Elixir

Again, at Higher level town halls wherein you require loads of dark elixir, lightning spells can be very handy in gaining dark elixir from centrally located dark elixir storage (which are full to the brim) from villages wherein you know that your troops may not reach close to it. This is particularly true when farming at Crystal 3 or higher where most of the villages you get are isolated town halls with central and very well protected dark elixir storage. In many cases you will find that the dark elixir storage is surrounded by other sorages (specially within the 3.5 tile radius). What I mean if the storages are closely placed in the center of the village, then, you not only get dark elixir, you can also gain some elixir and gold my using the lightning spells.

3. In Gaining the 50% destruction Win

At lower level town halls, both while farming and in clan wars, proper use of lightning spell to take out certain buildings like the builder’s hut or the Barbarian king’s alter in the end of the attack to gain the 50% 1 star. Specially if you are at around 45% of destruction and have 2 or 3 lightning spells, then, your defeat can be converted into a 1 star victory with the use of lightning spells.

4. In Destroying Air Defenses

Lightning spells are known to be used regularly by low level town hall players in clan wars when they are doing an all dragon attack on enemy base, proper use of 3 lightning spells can easily take out one air defense (even a level 6 air defense) and render considerable damage to surrounding buildings thus making it easy for dragons to take out the complete base and gain a 3 star victory.

5. To Destroy defense Buildings while farming or Trophy Push

Again, at lower level town halls, it is a good idea to use lightning spells to destroy centrally located splash damage buildings like the mortar or the wizard tower or both (if they are closely located ) with the use of 2 lightning spells. Generally before the attack is started, you can deploy the lightning spells to take the defenses out so that least damage is inflicted by the defense buildings to your troops and you can easily loot the base.

6. To take out a Town Hall

Sometimes it so happens that even deploying your full army you are not able to take out a town hall, specially when you are doing a trophy push and cannot afford to lose trophies by losing a battle. In such cases and if you were already able to inflict around 80% damage to the town hall, you may use your lightning spell to complete the attack by inflicting balance 20% damage to the town hall and getting a win. Although it is not a recommended practice to use lightning spells in general on town halls, as an exception, in a situation wherein you cannot do anything else to gain that crucial win you need, you may do it.

Facts you should know about Lightning Spells

Now that we know in detail facts and uses of the lightning spell, we need to know in more detail other factors and facts about the lightning spell in order to better understand the lightning spell and be a better judge on when to use it and when not to use it. Below are some more details of the lightning spell which you need to understand:

  • Each lightning spell has 6 lightning bolts
  • Each lightning bolt has a radius of 2 tiles
  • Lightning spells have a random radius of 3.5 tiles
  • Lightning spells inflict maximum damage to the point where they are deployed.
  • Damage to the buildings away from the center point is lesser than the actual point of deployment within the radius of the spell.
  • Three level 5 lightning spells can take out one air defense.
  • 2 Level 5 lightning spells are sufficient to take out a Mortar.

If you would like full details on lightning spells and it’s specs, you may visit the wiki on lightning spells.

Lightning Spell Placement & Timing Tips

Now that you know all that I know about lightning spells, one most crucial factor that can be the difference between a win and a loos is the placement of the spells. It is most important to understand that lightning spells like other spells should be timed well. But, it is more important with lightning spells that you get your placement right. Timing the spell is a matter if when to use the spell which is more or less clear. You either use the spell in the beginning of the attack or at the end of the attack.

However, timing is very important while destroying the clan castle troops. Only with perfect placement and timing, can you inflict maximum damage to cc troops. It’s an art which you will only learn with practice. So start today, try destroying some clan castle troops while farming with the lightning spell and try to time it over the walls so that not only clan castle troops get destroyed but also the outer layer of walls get weakened in order to make the remaining part of your attack easier.

Effectively Use the Lightning Spells

So, now that you know how lightning spells can help in both farming and in clan wars, it is time to start using the lightning spells effectively. One thing I would like to tell you is that only with practice, will you be able to perfect the effectiveness of the lightning spell. Use my above tips, start practicing and perfect the use of the lightning spells as soon as you can. If you feel I have missed out some tips or tricks that you know and have been using while using the lightening spell, do share it with us. Do post your valuable comments and experience below in the comments section. Happy Clashing!

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