maintenance Break Brings: Surprise – 11th May 2015



Out of the ordinary, Clash of Clans team have decided to reward us with goodies today: 11th May 2015. Is this an ad hoc freebie or is there some occasion? Is it simply another step to keep “interest on” while we wait for a major update which is slated to arrive later this month? Or is it just a boost to reward all the addicted players like me to take advantage of our time that we spend with the game? The wait is over, the maintenance break has brought:

  • Shocking Moves
  • Balloon Parade
  • Call in the Cavalry
  • Special Troop Event

Half priced balloons: balloons now cost only half their elixir cost. Moreover training time has also been halved.

Half priced Hog Riders: Hog riders also cost half their original cost. Also, training time has been halved. 

Rumor has it that these changes will stay in place till the new update i.e., Clash of Clans May 2015 update is released.

Maintenance Break 11th May 2015

halved time and cost to train both the hog rider and the balloons.

Your guess is as good as mine. However, if we are to believe rumors, there is major update on the game which is to arrive later this month. Rumor has it that the Supercell team is working secretively on major changes in the game that will keep us interested and get in many more players to join the bandwagon.

After the April 30th Update which brought in fewer changes than expected, it is but natural that something big is brewing and now, rumors have started to creep in to support thought. It is only a matter of time (any day), that we will get a leak into the new update and it’s sneak peeks. So, keep tuned in to get updated in what is to come.

However, this major update and it’s rumors will be covered by me in a fresh article, for now the maintenance update has brought in:

Hope you enjoy the goodies and like me, keep expecting even more surprises later in the month when the major update and it’s sneak peeks will be announced. Keep Clashing!

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