Maintenance Break – Are there any Surprises?

Hello clashers, maintenance break today (18th May 2015) exactly after one week of maintenance break of 11th May 2015. So, can we expect any surprises or is it just the end of the hog rider and balloons halved training cost and training time? Let’s see.

Ideally, a normal maintenance break takes not more than 10 minutes. However this one is taking 30 minutes. So, is there going to be any special surprises or simply the rollback to original costs and training time for both the hog rider and the balloons?


Rumor has it that Supercell is trying to fix and make changes to the game interface which will completely stop the use of sandbox and xmod. So, is this true or are we to expect some more goodies? When is the next upgrade to take place? What will be the features of the next upgrade? We are all wondering as to what is in store in the next upgrade which is slated to take place at the end of May or beginning of June 2015.

Let’s see what the changes are and if we can expect some goodies like 1 gem boost for resources or 1 gem boost for barracks. Hopefully we get both. If not, do not be disappointed as the next upgrade will surprise us all. In my next article on 22nd May 2015, I will be providing you all with features and changes that we are expecting in the next clash of clans upgrade (May 2015).

Cheers and Happy Clashing!

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