Level 13 Cannon (Full Details)

Level 13 Cannons - Details

Level 13 cannons don’t just look great, they are lethal.


Within the February 2015 update by Clash of Clans, the most prominent feature is the introduction of the Level 13 Cannons. These level 13 cannons are available at Town Hall Level 10 and have the most astounding stats what will help render a Golem attack un-viable.

Level 13 Cannons against Golems!

Apart from creating a good looking level 13 cannon, Supercell has packed it with much higher damage potential and HP (hit points) that help it become the best defense against Golems and Golems based attack armies. At Town Hall 10, the level 13 Cannon is most definitely your best friend.

Why Level 13 Cannons are Dangerous?

So what are the stats and other features of the level 13 Cannons that make it so lethal against even the highest level Golems? Provided below is a complete detailed snapshot of the damage potential along with the HP and other characteristics of the level 13 Cannons which make them so powerful. With a Damage-per-second of 98 and a Hit Points level of 1170, the level 13 cannons are not only very damaging but also will take too much time and effort to take them out. Arguably, Level 13 Cannons make it practically impossible for any attacking army to get a 100% win from the base.

Don’t Wait Up Upgrade Your Cannons ASAP!

I am looking forward to upgrade my Cannons to level 13 as soon as possible and do suggest to all you TH10 players to upgrade them asap. Dong so will not only help you protect your base against trophy loss, it will help you protect your base from being looted of costly Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir as well. Do post your comments and how you feel about the level 13 Cannons and happy clashing!

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