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Farming for Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir at TH9 - Best Trophy Range or League to be in.Irrespective of what troops you may use for farming, in this article I will try to answer the key question which every player at Town Hall 9 is faced with while farming. Where can you find the maximum of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir that is much needed to feed the requirements of costly upgrades which are plenty at TH9. If you are interested in knowing what troop combination to use while farming at TH9, you may visit my earlier article: Effective Farming at Town Hall 9 (Troops to Use).


Upgrades of Buildings and Troops alike are very costly at TH9 and one not only needs to farm well but also defends the resources well from loot. This article will cover one of the most critical aspects of: farming at TH9. where can you find the loot that you need. To address the other problem of how to protect the resources you have at TH9, you can visit our TH9 base designs section.

Availability of loot and finding good loot is an ongoing process and with major updates in Clash of Clans, the ideal loot trophy range may keep changing. From time to time, whenever such changes happen, I will keep revisiting this article to modify it according to the current trends in best trophy range for farming. At TH9 every player is faced with 3 different situations some time or the other:

  1. When you are new at TH9 and you do not have the high level troops or upgraded Army camps in order to attack strong players. This is when you are better off looking for a range of trophies to be in where you get weaker opponents whom you can loot easily with your weak troops.
  2. Once you have upgraded your troops and army camps and are confident to go for a higher relatively more stronger opponents in order to gain more loot. This will be your general range of trophies to be in at TH9 until you upgrade your Town Hall. Here is where you will remain to loot both Gold and Elixir that you will need to keep upgrading both your defenses and your Army Units.
  3. When you need Dark Elixir (and believe me you will need a lot of it), the general trophy range for farming Gold and Elixir will not suffice. Once you have upgraded a major share of defensive buildings, you will need to upgrade both the dark troops and the Barbarian King and the Queen. All this requires huge amounts of Dark Elixir which is difficult to find in your general farming range. Its time to do a trophy push to a higher League / range of trophies wherein Dark Elixir is in abundance.

Thus depending on your need for resources, you will need to keep changing the trophy range you are in. I have selected the most appropriate trophy range to be in at each level of your requirement of resources. It will help you better farming & unlike many players who give up the game (due to the difficulty of finding loot), you can stick around and find loot very easily to help keep upgrading and strengthening your village.

Best Trophy Range for Farming – New TH9

If you have just completed your Town Hall upgrade and are new at TH9, one of the biggest problems you are faced with is the reduction in the amount of available loot when attacking TH7s  and lower. Attacking Th7 and lower is just completely nonviable. Your cost of troops compared to the loot you gain is almost the same and thus in many cases if you are not able to gain the complete available loot, you actually end up losing more that gaining from your attacks.

Till you can upgrade your troops and army camps to increase your troop capacity, you need to find the best spot or range of trophies to be in wherein you can find relatively weaker bases which provide you with the loot you need to upgrade both your troops and the army camps. Both general troops upgrades and army camp upgrades require huge amounts of Elixir. At this point on and your first objective is to get that elixir in order to do the upgrades.

I strongly recommend to be in “Crystal League III” at this point in time. Here the loot bonus is 35,000 Elixir and 35,000 Gold.Here, you will find reasonable amounts of Gold and Elixir available for loot. You will also find occasional TH8s and isolated Townhalls wherein you can easily gain the League loot win bonus. With isolated Town Halls, although you may spend good amounts of gold to find them, Using your Barbarian King, you can easily accumulate Elixir. Even otherwise, you can occasionally find TH8’s with around either 200,000 Gold or 200,000 Elixir or both. This will provide the impetus to you to help collect the Elixir you need to fuel your troops and army camps upgrades. The ideal trophy range to be in is 1950-2000 Trophies.

Best Trophy Range for Farming for Gold and Elixir at TH9

Once you have completed your loot troops upgrades and your army camps upgrades along with the clan castle upgrade, you are ready to face stronger opponents like maxed out TH9s and weaker TH10s to gain a lions share of the available loot. At this point of time it is really up to you to decide if you would like to remain at “Crystal League III” or move higher to “Crystal League II”.

It’s a matter of personal choice more than anything else. If you are using high cost troops for farming, it is better to be in “Crystal League II” whereas, if you are using low cost troop combination, you may remain in “Crystal League III”. The only major difference is that you can now easily target TH9’s and undeveloped TH10s to gain higher loot.

Staying in this range, you will need huge amounts of Gold and Elixir to upgrade your Air Defenses, X-Bows, Archer Towers, Tesla Towers, Wizard Towers and your Walls. As walls upgrade requires the maximum investment, most of the extra Elixir you loot can be used to upgrade them. The ideal trophy range to be in at this stage is 2100-2150 Trophies.

Best Trophy Level for Farming for Dark Elixir at TH9

Although you may keep requiring huge amounts of both Gold and Elixir to keep your Builders Occupied, at some stage, you will have to upgrade your dark troops, the Barbarian King and the Queen. For this, staying in your current league will not satiate your Dark Elixir requirements. Costly and scarce Dark Elixir is not easy to find and further more, not easy to loot.

However, don’t loose heart, there are places wherein you can find Dark Elixir in abundance. At “Master League III” and higher, you not only find good amounts of Dark Elixir waiting to get looted, you also get a good amount of it as your Multiplayer league win bonus. Almost every second search result in Masters league will present you with opponents who have over 1,000 Dark Elixir waiting to be looted. At Masters league III, for every win you get 100,000 Gold, 100,000 Elixir and 500 Dark Elixir. So if you need Dark Elixir, this is the place to be. The ideal trophy range to be in at this stage is 2650 +.

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